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54-Year-Old Grandmother Reveals Her Secret to Youthfulness, Showing off Her Amazing Figure

Esther NJeri
Jun 22, 2021
05:50 P.M.
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A grandmother, who is easily mistaken for a young mother, has told her secrets to stay and looking years younger than she is.


Ninette Longsworth, 53, is often being mistaken for being the mother of her 7-year-old grandson. This is due to her young looks and fit body. She revealed her secret.

Longsworth begun her journey 2 years ago after her marriage of 24 years broke down. She was devastated at the ending of her marriage and decided to channel her emotions and energy elsewhere.

An older woman working out | Source: Pexels


She had dated her high school sweetheart for 7 years before getting married. So finding herself single at 51 was heartbreaking. She says she felt alone and lost. And that was the beginning of her journey.

She says that is when she started lifting weights and got hooked. She now goes to the gym five or six times a week. She also credits her youthful appearance and toned, slim physique to eating zero processed foods. She says:

"My wish is to inspire people of all ages to live a healthy lifestyle, to pursue their dreams no matter how small or how big!"


Longsworth says that due to her youthful looks and dressing, people often mistake her for a much younger woman, and when she's with her children, people always wonder how they are related.

Longsworth is, however, one of many women who choose to make an effort in keeping their youthful looks, and one other such woman is Babette Davis.

One such person is Puspa Dewi, 50, who, on most occasions, has been mistaken for her son's girlfriend.


At 70, you would easily mistake Davis for a thirty-year-old. For her 70th birthday, she took a photoshoot in a bathing suit that had people's jaws dropping. Her incredibly fit and toned body had her fans awed.

Davis, who owns the Stuff I Eat restaurant in Englewood, California, took to her Instagram page to post the picture of herself, saying the idea to do the photoshoot came up, and she named it Seven at Seventy. She captioned one of the photos:

"I have so much to be grateful for I am healthier now than I was when I was thirty and my lifestyle is conducive to maintaining health!"


While aging is inevitable, some people definitely age better and continue to look as young as they did in their 30's. One such person is Puspa Dewi, 50, who, on most occasions, has been mistaken for her son's girlfriend.

She says her secrets to looking youthful are playing Zumba, badminton, swimming, aerobics, and maintaining a healthy diet. She runs a successful business, and her kids are all grown up.

Debi Altfillisch McGregor loves to bring awareness about endangered species through tattoos on her body. While many women her age may frown upon the idea, McGregor says it is her passion to educate people on the topic.

She discovered that the attention her tattoos bring, being that she is an older woman, can bring awareness, so she has tattoos of the rarest of animals on her.


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