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Guy Dates Girl Only for Her Father's Money, Gets What He Deserves – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 26, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Bryan has been using his girlfriend, Maggie, for her father’s wealth. One day life revealed all his plans and deservedly punished him.


The first time Bryan laid eyes on Maggie, he knew that he wanted to marry her. After all, she was the heiress of the company he worked for. Maggie’s father built a business empire from the ground up, involved in several industries.

Bryan worked for one of their company’s sales team and first met Maggie at the 50th annual business convention. With his charming looks, Bryan mustered the confidence to introduce himself.

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Within three months, Maggie fell in love with him. She was convinced that Bryan loved her with all his heart. However, her father was doubtful of the man and did not trust him with his daughter.

During one of their dates, Bryan aired his sentiments to Maggie. “We both know people don’t like me for you. I’m only a sales representative. Who am I to date such a beautiful and wealthy woman?” he said.

Maggie felt sorry for Bryan and wanted to help boost his self-esteem. “Don’t worry, I’ll convince my father to give you a promotion, and no one can say anything about it,” she said.

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The following week, Bryan was promoted to a managerial position with higher pay. Maggie was very happy for her boyfriend and insisted that it was time they moved in together.

So, she bought a luxurious apartment for the two of them. Every day, Bryan would take the bus to work and complained about being too tired and lacking sleep due to an early commute.

Again, Maggie made a way for her boyfriend, and in less than a week, he was given a company car. Bryan treated Maggie right and always complimented her beautiful looks and kind heart. Naturally, Maggie fell even more in love, but her father was not fooled with words.


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He told his daughter that Bryan was only using her, the same way many others gossiped. “How could you say that, dad? He loves me.” “Look, sweetie. You’ve known him for a little over a year but already, a promotion? And then a new car?” the father said.


“Please don’t be naive. Soon he will be asking for another thing, then another. Maggie refused to believe her father and walked away. A few weeks later, she overheard her husband talking to someone on the phone.

“Of course, baby. I’ll do anything for you,” he said. “This chick? I’ll drain her father’s money before I dump her.” Maggie’s heart broke into a million pieces as she heard her boyfriend’s words, but she did not say a word and continued listening.

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“I’m headed to the airport. I’ll meet you there.” Bryan said. After the call, he went to the living room to bid Maggie goodbye. She asked him if she could come but claimed it was a business trip. “I’ll tell you what,” he said. “We’ll go on a trip when I come back.”

Bryan added, “We can go to your dad’s beach resort and be treated like royalty, yeah? It’s what my Queen deserves.” Maggie immediately called her father when Bryan left and told him about what had happened.

Meanwhile, Bryan met up with his mistress and flew to Canada. As soon as he and his girl got to their resort, Maggie and her father stood in the lobby, waiting. Surprised, Bryan asked what Maggie was doing in Canada and introduced the girl as a business colleague.


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“Oh Bryan,” Maggie said. “Didn’t you know? My dad owns the airline you rode. And this fancy lake-side hotel -- he owns it too. So when I say you can’t be a guest here, you can’t be a guest here. I won’t have someone fool me and get away with it.”


Maggie’s father interrupted and said, “I was right about you, gold digger. Ha! Do you want a vacation with my daughter? I’ll give you a permanent vacation. You’re fired. And I’ll make sure no other company ever hires you again.”

“Oh and by the way,” Maggie said, “You’re banned from the airline too. I’ll have all your belongings shipped here first thing tomorrow and away from my house.”

What can we learn from this story?

1. Don’t be naive

2. Sometimes, parents have the right gut feeling

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