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Daily Joke: Wife Decided to Read a Book in Her Husband's Fishing Boat

Lois Oladejo
Jun 28, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A man and his wife went on a fishing trip during their vacation. One day the wife decided to take the bat out and read. However, the warden in the area was not pleased.


A couple planned a romantic vacation and took the fishing boat out to the sea. While the pair was on their fishing adventure, the wife brought along some books.

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One day before dawn, the husband decided to fish, and he brought out all this fishing equipment and set sail. After he had a good time fishing, he headed back to the shoreline.

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When his wife woke up, she found him asleep and decided to entertain herself. She unanchored the boat and maneuvered the boat to the middle of the sea. Unfamiliar with the sea, She settled right there and started reading.

Not long after, a game warden sailed by, displeased by seeing that the couple's boat was there, he pulled over close to their boat. He addressed the woman and let her know that she was fishing in a no-fishing zone.


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He also let her know that he would haul her in and fne her for the misconduct. The woman was perplexed by what happened as she objected and informed the warden that she was reading and not fishing.

The warden insisted as he relayed that the fishing equipment was all laid out in the boat, and this was enough evidence to write her up. The woman became infuriated.

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She angrily retorted as she threatened that if he fined her, she would accuse him of sexually assaulting her. The man was taken aback as he replied in disbelief that he did not touch her. The woman said:

"Yes, but you have the equipment!"

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