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Daily Joke: Man Scolded His Naughty Son

Laura Beatham
Jun 28, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Today's joke is about a father who scolded his naughty son who decided he would take his favorite things and leave the family's home.


A little boy was behaving very naughty one day so his father scolded him. Of course, the boy did not like it, so he decided to take his stuff and run away from home.

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The boy collected a few items of clothing, two of his favorite toys, and his piggy bank. He then walked up to his parents and proudly announced, "I am running away from home! I do not know when I will be back."

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His father looked at the situation logically and asked his son, "Well, what will you do if you get hungry?" The child responded, "I will come home, and mommy will make me my favorite meal."

"Hmm, okay, and what will you do if you run out of money?" His dad asked. The boy thought for a second, "Well, I have money in my piggy bank, and if it runs out, I will come home and get some more."


His father then responded, "Sounds like you have really thought this through, but what will you do when your clothes get dirty?" The young boy thought about it for a second and said, "I will come home, and mommy will clean it for me."

The father started to laugh because his son reminded him of something, so he shook his head and said to his wife, "This kid is not running away. He is just going off to college."



Two boys were talking, and one said to the other, "I know an easy way to get whatever you want. " The other boy eagerly asked, "How?" His friend then said, "Well, you just have to tell people you know their secret."

The boy thought he would try out his friend's suggestion, and so he went up to his dad and said, "Hey Dad, I know your secret!" His dad looked surprised and said, "Do not tell your mom, here is $10."


"Wow, it worked," thought the young boy. He ran up to his mother and said, "I know your secret, Mom!" The mother gasped and said, "Please do not tell your father. Here is $15."

The boy went into the front yard and saw the mailman. He thought he would try out his trick on him so he said, "Hey mailman, I know your secret!" The mailman smiled and said, "Okay then, come give your dad a hug!"