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American Teacher Goes Viral For Showing Obstacles Faced by Overweight People during Travel

Jun 25, 2021
11:20 P.M.
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27-year-old American middle school teacher, Mary Fran Donnelly, has gone viral on Tiktok after she posted two videos that highlighted the issues that most overweight people go through while vacationing.


The videos, which have garnered more than a collective 6.4 million views, have skyrocketed Mary Fran Donnelly into online fame. Though the lady is laughing through most of the video, she has clarified that she was serious about all she was saying.

Her 2-video series dubbed "Travelling as a fat person" has garnered so much attention from social media users. Many of them could not help but relate directly to what Donnelly was saying.


In the midst of all the humor of the video, many people have come out in support of her and the challenges that plus-sized people face when using public spaces like hotels. In her first video, she begins by saying:

"Welcome to "Our Hotel's Fatphobic," with me, your host, your resident fata**."

She then goes ahead and directs her viewers through the struggle that plus-sized people like her have to go through when using simple social amenities like toilets and bathrooms. All through it, she is hilariously laughing.


Their 'mixed-weight' relationship was scrutinized by many people.

In the second video, now donned in a multi-colored swimsuit, she expresses the challenges of using towels that are not accommodating for people her size. Further, she makes fun of the tiny chair on the balcony that she is expected to use.

As she walks, she keeps making fun of the tiny spaces in the room that she can barely fit through. All the while, her sister, who is recording the video is hilariously laughing with her sister from behind the camera.


The comments on the video even made it more hilarious as people continued making sarcastic comments on the inconsideration that such institutions, from airplanes to resorts, have for plus-sized people.

One user hilariously said that the chair on the balcony was as unstable as her ex while another user commented that she has to pack a lot while going on such a tour. Another one commented:

"This is why I bring my own towels when I travel."


These videos opened a can of worms that many people agreed had to be dealt with. Many plus-sized people face a lot of challenges in their daily lives, both as oversight as well as a direct confrontation.

For instance, a 26-year-old woman, Vicky Dowell, who is a size 20, revealed that she was bullied because of being in a relationship with a slimmer man, Tom, who is 27 years old. Their 'mixed-weight relationship was scrutinized by many people.

People made fun of her both online and offline because of her weight. She said many people, including her workmates, could not believe she was dating tom. Further, she was extremely bullied when she attempted to find love online.


Shirtless overweight man in a confrontation with another man. | Source: Pixabay/William Adams

The highlighting of this issue by Donnell in a comical way has really sparked an important conversation. Many people agree that there is an urgency for these issues should be addressed in order for there to be proper inclusivity.

Issues of bullying both online and offline are also still very clearly a daunting issue for many people of varying body sizes. It is very clear that more than on top of making jokes and laughing, people should seriously address issues of bullying and shaming.


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