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Mean Woman Makes Fun of a Chubby Girl, Karma Hits Back - Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 07, 2021
09:47 A.M.
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A mean woman humiliated a new girl in dance class for being chubby. Not long after, karma reached her and she regretted behaving rudely towards the new girl.


Kathy was excited to begin her first day in dance class. She had been a busy mother taking care of the house and her son all these years. But now that her kid had gone to boarding school, she could focus on her true calling: dance.

It was a bright morning when Kathy started her trip to the dance class. When she walked into the studio, she found two girls, Ann and Jessica, looking right at her. Kathy greeted them with a friendly smile and went to the reception desk to collect her ID.

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But when Ann and Jessica saw the plus-size woman in the dance class, they couldn’t help but gossip about her. “Oh God, Ann. Just look at her. I think she’s forgotten that this is a dance class and not a gym,” Jessica said, hitting at Kathy’s chubby figure.

“I know, right! I’m sure every time she takes a step, the floor will make a cracking sound,” Ann replied, and the two of them started giggling.

Meanwhile, Kathy approached them and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Kathy. Today’s my first day. Nice to meet you.” Jessica took a step forward and said, “Nice to meet you, miss fatty. But there’s no need for introductions because you’re not going to last long here.”


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“Jess, calm down. You're not supposed to say that out loud. She’ll feel bad,” Ann told Jessica and pulled her to the side.


Jessica quickly jerked her hand out of Ann’s grip. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you defending her? She’s FAT as hell. Do you really think she’s meant for dancing?”

“See, Jess, joking once or twice is OK, but right now you’re disrespectful,” Ann explained.

“Huh. You wait and watch how I throw this lady out of the class. I’ll embarrass her so much that...” Jessica was about to complete her sentence when Ann left her and walked over to Kathy.

Ann had noticed that Jessica’s comments had hurt Kathy, so she went to console her and said, “Hey, I’m sorry for Jess’s comments. Don’t take them to heart. She just wanted to suggest that you’d look great if you lost a few pounds.”


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Kathy immediately wiped her tears and said, “Are you serious?! Your friend is so mean! And you’re trying to defend her? I can assure you she talks badly behind your back too.”


Ann retorted, “What the hell? I am trying to console you, and you’re talking bad about my friend? What kind of a woman are you?”

“Someone who doesn’t take your friend’s ‘constructive criticism’ about being chubby. I am perfect the way I am. So, please leave me alone and go back to your friend,” Kathy replied confidently.

“Maybe Jess was right to ridicule her,” Ann mumbled,” she does have an attitude,” and then walked away.

Meanwhile, the dance instructor, Lisa, entered the studio and asked everyone to gather. She mentioned that everyone needed to learn new choreography for the firm’s 80th anniversary, and the best dancer would take the lead.


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“As you may have noticed, we have a new dancer joining us,” she said while gesturing towards Kathy. “It’s hard not to notice, Liza,” Jessica said as a few others giggled.


Liza interrupted, “All right, everyone, don’t make any noise now. Choose your partners quickly and start practicing.”

Kathy merely stood there calmly, waiting for a companion, but no one came up to her. Suddenly, she spotted another girl standing alone in the corner of the class.

She was about to approach her and introduce herself when Jessica pushed her from behind. Kathy fell flat on her stomach, and everyone around her started laughing.

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Jessica smirked and dashed over to assist her. “Oh, God, Kathy,” Jessica exclaimed as she extended her hand. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Kathy replied and was about to get up when Jessica pulled her hand, causing her to fall again. But this time, nobody laughed.

They had understood Jessica was mean to Kathy on purpose. Moreover, Kathy was crying in pain. She’d landed hard on the ground this time, and her arm was in excruciating pain.

Unhappy woman leaning against a tree and crying | Photo: Pexels


“Ok, Jess. It’s high time you stop this. She’s hurt. Can’t you see that?” Ann told Jessica firmly.

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Yeah, whatever. At least that fat bum knows where she belongs now.”

Meanwhile, Lisa noticed that Kathy had fallen on the ground and dashed over to assist her. She slowly massaged her arm then helped her in getting up. “Come on, Lisa,” Jessica said. “It’s not like she adds value to the group. Why are you taking so much trouble?”

“It’s a shame you think that way,” Kathy retorted. “You’re the reason why many girls feel insecure about themselves like they’re not enough.”


Jessica rolled her eyes before walking in front of the mirror and said: “Many of us work hard to look perfect. It’s not our fault if you can’t stop eating.”

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“Enough!” Liza yelled, “Jess, you are so heartless! You can see she’s in pain, but instead of helping her, you’re just standing and ridiculing her. Just get lost from here!”

“Really? You’re choosing this fat bum over me?” Jessica asked coldly.

“Just shut up, Jess, or I’ll throw you out of the class!” Lisa replied angrily.

Jessica stared right into Liza’s eyes and ordered Ann, “Get the bags. We’re leaving right now!” But Ann didn’t walk behind Jessica.

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“Ann, why are you still waiting? Come, let’s go!” Jessica repeated, but Ann stood still.

“Sorry, Jess,” she replied after a short pause. “ I don’t want to be part of your bullying. I’m not coming with you.”

Jessica couldn’t believe her ears. She felt embarrassed at being turned down by her close friend in front of everyone. She got her bag and walked out of the room silently with her head bowed down.

What can we learn from this story?

  • If you do wrong to others, it’ll come back to bite you sooner or later. Jessica tried to embarrass Kathy in front of everyone but found herself getting a painful dose of her own medicine in the end.
  • Don’t judge people by their physical appearance. Jessica was attractive and had a fantastic body. But she wasn’t a nice person in reality.

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