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Channing Tatum Shares a Rare Photo of His 8-Year-Old Daughter Everly

Jun 28, 2021
03:50 A.M.
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Hollywood actor, producer, and dancer, Channing Tatum, in a lengthy heartfelt post on Instagram, shared the photo of his 8-year old daughter, Everly Tatum, as she looked over at the horizon.


The photo of which was taken at sunset by the beach had Channing Tatum smiling while his daughter, Everlyn Tatum stared into the horizon, which her father revealed in the post was her daughter just looking at the moon.

This is the first picture ever that the "Magic Mike" star has shared which showed the face of his daughter. He had successfully posted the girl on his social media pages without ever directly revealing her face for the audience to see.

Channing Tatum attends the screening of "Coach Carter" in New York City on December 13, 2004 | Photo: Getty Images


The star shared a very lengthy caption that expressed his affection for his daughter while thanking her for the moment that they had just shared as they took the picture. He called her his everything, his world, and heart. In part, he wrote:

"You were looking at the full moon in this pic and telling me the prophecy of the full moon mermaid.."

He then went ahead and finalized his caption saying that he hopes one day the girl will grow up, see the photo, read the caption, and laugh. Minutes after posting, fans thronged his comment section barely giving him room to respond.


So close has the bond between the two become that Channing has actually authored his first book, entirely inspired by her.

Users had all forms of responses for the magical moment when they got to see the face of the star's child. Many complimented Tatum for his parenting skills and wished him the best of luck as he navigated the journey of fatherhood.

One user was overwhelmed and shared how sweet he felt the moment they shared together was. Other Hollywood celebrities also actively liked and commented on the very unique photo from Channing.


The girl is the only child that Channing had with his ex-wife, Jenna Dewan. The two divorced in 2019 after a ten-year marriage. Everly has a stepbrother known as Callum Michael Kazee from her mother and her partner Steve Kazee.

Channing earlier revealed that he has had fears of raising a girl. He has said severally that he had fears of connecting with her daughter as a single father. Based on his Instagram posts, however, it is clear that the 41-year-old star is doing an incredible job. In one post he said:

"My best homie-My daughter-My life! You are the coolest person on the planet."


So close has the bond between the two become that Channing has actually authored his first book, entirely inspired by her. The book, "The One and Only Sparkella," was published in May of 2021.

It was during the quarantine that Channing says he spent a lot of time with his daughter and released his inner child. One time, he was trapped in the girl's room and this inspired so much of his material in the book.

He has over and over again said how much he is actually proud of his daughter who decided to do her own thing. Despite the anxiety that started out when he became a single father, he is glad their relationship is blossoming.


The duo has been spotted several times together and fans are very excited to finally see the girl's face, even if it is virtually. They are surely waiting to see more and more of the two spending time together.

The millions of followers of Tatum on his social media account are an excited bunch and their reaction across all pictures of the two reveals just how much people look up to him as he takes up the single fatherhood mantle.