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Daily Joke: Hiker Finds an Unusual Pub in a Tiny Village in the Mountains

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 30, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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A man was hiking and saw a pub in a tiny village in the mountains. He decided to go in but what happened next left him bewildered.


One day, a hiker was enjoying a time out in the evening after hiking in a nearby mountain. He saw an unusual pub sitting in the middle of a tiny village in the mountains, so he thought about going in to see what it was about.

He walked into the pub and observed some funny-looking old men sitting silently. The backpacker walked to the bar and ordered a beer before grabbing a seat.

A photo of a pub. | Photo: Pixabay


Suddenly, the hiker heard something strange. One of the old men shouted, "Number 4!" and the whole room was filled with laughter. He was surprised by what had happened, but after everyone calmed down, he continued his drink.

Suddenly, another one of them shouted, "Number 21!" Once again, everybody had a good laugh. The scene was baffling for the backpacker, so he tried to inquire about what was going on.


The hiker turned to someone close to him and asked what was going on. The man replied, "Ah, you see, we're a bit isolated out here, we all know each other's jokes so well we decided to give them all a number to save time in telling them."

The backpacker smiled mischievously and decided to pull a stunt of his own. He shouted, "Number 1001!" The reaction he got from the men left him in more confusion.


The room felt like an earthquake had swept through it. The place practically shook with the men's laughter and voices. Some of the men laughed so hard they slapped their thighs and fell off their chairs.

When everywhere had calmed down, some of the men examined their chest to ensure they did not have a heart attack.


The hiker was stunned by what had happened, so he asked the man close to him if the joke was one of the good ones, and the man replied:

"oh no, it's just that we'd never heard that one before."

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