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Domino's Delivery Driver Steals Package from Front Door, Gets What He Deserves

Jené Liebenberg
Jul 06, 2021
02:00 P.M.
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A pizza delivery man tried to steal a package left at the door, but unfortunately for him, the doorbell camera caught him in action. He paid the consequences of his actions shortly after.


A YouTube video shows a Dominos pizza delivery man drop off a meal at the door and on his way back to his vehicle, he quickly stops to pick up a package that does not belong to him.

The ordeal is captured on the doorbell camera, which leads to instant payback for the delivery man who thought he would get away with stealing the package.

Screenshot of video showing delivery man stealing a package. | Source: youtube.com/XxMinecraftGodxX



The footage, also shared on Reddit, shows the delivery man drops off the meal and steals the package, but what is unexpected is the next shot which shows the suspect in handcuffs with a police officer behind him.

Ken Prol shared that he watched the thief take his packages on his phone that is connected to the doorbell.

The package thief received instant karma and experienced immediate regret for taking the box which belonged to someone else as he stood with his hands handcuffed behind his back.



After the video was uploaded to YouTube, it gained plenty of traction. The compilation gained more than 16,000 views and more than a hundred likes on the video social media platform.

A few users commented on the video, with one person expressing surprise that the delivery man chose to take the package at the stranger's door instead of just taking the pizza. They wrote:

"Surprised he didn't take the pizza 😐"



Something similar occurred in Alexandria, Virginia when a pizza delivery man thought he could switch the pizza in his hand for the packages at the door without getting caught, but he was caught on the doorbell camera.

The footage shows the man walk up to the door and ring the doorbell, and when he didn't receive an answer, he put the pizza down on the floor and quickly picked up the packages lying in front of him.


The homeowner, Ken Prol, shared that he watched the thief take his packages on his phone that is connected to the doorbell, and despite using the microphone function to tell the man to leave the package, he still couldn't do much to stop the theft.

A neighbor confirmed that they were expecting a pizza delivery, but their meal was obviously placed outside the wrong door when the delivery man saw there was a better opportunity at hand.

With the Fairfax County Police investigating the theft, Pol had to be satisfied with Amazon replacing the shampoo and conditioner that was inside the stolen box without charging him for another order.