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DL Hughley’s Love Child Was Killed by His Mistress’ Boyfriend – Inside the Story of Losing His 9-Month Old Son

Comfort Omovre
Jul 10, 2021
04:30 P.M.
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DL Hughley had a child who his mistress' lover murdered. He has spoken candidly about his infidelity and his wife's reaction to it in the past — here is a rundown of the messy affair.


DL Hughley is one of the most successful and controversial comedians in the industry, and he has been around for a pretty long time.

With a career spanning decades and fame that made him a target for females, it is no surprise that drama hovers around him like bugs around a bright light, and it cost him a child at some point. See how.

D.L. Hughley at the Winter TCA Tour on January 13, 2016 in Pasadena | Photo: Getty Images



Hughley has been married to one woman for about 30 years, it has not been an easy journey for either of them, but it is one they continue together.

His wife's name is LaDonna, and she gave new meaning to the term ride or die because of the level of devotion she exhibited towards her husband; even when she realized that he had been unfaithful, all her concern had been for him.



Despite a beautiful union with his wife, Hughley sought intimacy outside as well. In 2012, he revealed that he had cheated on his wife numerous times, even though he had never classified cheating as a moral failure — he assumed it was the norm.

The baby dying solved an immediate problem for Hughley.

Things went sideways for him when he hooked up with a woman who subsequently got pregnant in the process. She carried the baby to term and had started pushing Hughley to cover the baby's life insurance.


Hughley had been hesitant as he wanted to get a DNA test to ascertain paternity, so the woman had threatened to expose their relationship to his wife.

At the time, Hughley decided he would most likely lose his family should his mistress talk, but he was also certain that his wife would walk away from him with the kids after he told her about his infidelity.

He had been preparing to break the news to her when he received news that the baby was in the hospital battling for life after getting violently shaken by Hughley's mistress' boyfriend.


It was tragic, but for Hughley, who admitted that he had been hoping for a way to get out of the dilemma he put himself in, it was a bittersweet answer to his prayers.

His mistress' boyfriend was charged for the crime, and he served time though Hughley doesn't think it was long enough.



The baby dying solved an immediate problem for Hughley; he didn't have to tell LaDonna about the child he had with his mistress because there was no child.

He successfully avoided telling his wife for years until he summoned up the courage and spilled the beans one day. Her response was nothing he could have predicted.

Rather than judge him for a perceived slight, his wife responded with understanding. She seemed to be more hurt that he had passed through the ordeal without having anyone to confide in.



With his mistress also traumatized by her baby's death, she let him be for years until poverty forced her to reach out. She wanted money, but Hughley wasn't in charge of his finances; his wife had been.

Luckily, they had worked things out by then, so Hughley had no qualms referring his mistress to her. The two got talking, and LaDonna started providing some amount of money to his mistress, never mind that it was coming out of his allowance.


He is unsure about whether she still sends the woman money, but he knows he will never ask, possibly for another couple of years.

Hughley and his wife share three kids; two girls and a boy who has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Whatever his faults as a husband are, he loves his kids and takes special pride in his son, who has been winning at life despite his diagnosis.


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