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Daily Joke: Three Samurais Compete to See Who's Best

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 08, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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Three samurais were finalists in a competition, and they had one last challenging task to complete. The trio showed their surprising abilities.


Three samurais made it to the final stage in a competition, and for their final task, they were asked to prove their dexterity with the sword. The task at hand was for them to dissect a fly perfectly.

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The first samurai came forward wielding his sword. He flexed his skills for some seconds before putting his unwavering focus on the fly. Then he raised his sword and sliced the tiny fly in half.

A samurai holding a sword | Photo: Pixabay


The next guy stepped forward and showed off his expertise. He watched the fly intently and sliced it into four parts. The audience erupted into loud applause praising his efforts.

When it became the turn of the last samurai, a silence fell on the crowd as everyone waited for what the third contestant would do. He raised his sword and swung it at the fly, but the insect flew without a flinch.


Everyone was disappointed by this, all frowning at the third samurai's seeming lack of skills. One person in the crowd could not hold back his anger at how the samurai did not kill the fly. But the samurai explained:

"Ah yes, he may live, but that fly shall have no children."



A ninja entered a bar and requested a drink. The bar attendant gave him a once-over and observed his unusual outfit then told him his type was not entertained at the bar.

The ninja was disappointed by this and asked to see the manager of the pub. The manager came forward and saw what was happening. The ninja proceeded to explain what had happened.

Bartender pouring a drink into a glass | Photo: Pexels


After the ninja expressed his anger, the bartender did not know what to do. He then asked the manager if the ninja should be served. The manager replied:




Here's another joke about a man who limped into a bar with a bloodied shoulder. As he got close to the bar counter, the attendant looked at him and realized one of his arms was missing.

He screamed out in fear, asking the man what had happened to his arm. The injured person made it known that the owner of the bar across chopped it off.


The bartender was horrified by this and continued questioning the man, asking why he chose to come into his bar. The injured man replied:

"Well, after that, I definitely wasn't going back into his bar."

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