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Daily Joke: Doctor's Advice for an Old Farmer to Improve His Marriage to His Wife

Laura Beatham
Jul 13, 2021
01:45 A.M.
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Today's jokes will have you laughing out loud! One farmer tried to get advice about his marriage from his therapist, while another farmer helped a young couple out of the mud. Can you imagine being in these situations?


The marriage between an elderly farmer and his wife was not doing well. So the farmer decided to consult a therapist about their problems in hopes that the therapist would offer some great advice.

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The therapist said, "The next time you are plowing your field and have the urge to be with your wife, do not wait until the workday is over but rather, stop what you are doing and go be with your wife."

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The farmer replied, "I have tried that, but by the time I get to the house, I am too tired to do anything with my wife."

The therapist thought about the farmer's situation for a moment. Then he said, "Okay, take your shotgun with you to the field. Then when you have the urge, shoot your shotgun, and your wife will come running to you." The farmer went home, ready to put the therapist's advice into practice.


A few weeks later, the farmer returned to the therapist. The therapist asked him if his advice had worked, and the farmer said, "Well, for the first day, it worked amazingly. But then hunting season started, and I haven't seen her since."


A young couple from the city decided to take the scenic route through the nearby farmlands on their way to visit friends. As they were driving down the road, their car got stuck in a big muddy hole.


After a few minutes of being stuck and trying to get the car out themselves, they noticed a farmer on a cart driven by oxen coming up the path. The farmer stopped when he saw the couple was in trouble.

He climbed down from his cart and said, "I will pull your car out of the muddy hole with my oxen, but it will cost you $50." The couple agreed, thanked the man, and paid him $50.


The farmer used his oxen to pull the car from the mud and said, "You know this is the tenth car I have helped out of the mud today?" The couple was amazed that the farmer had so much spare time to help others.

So the husband asked, "Wow, but if you are busy helping others, when do you plow your land? At night?" The farmer laughed and said, "No, at night, I fill up the hole with water."