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Daily Joke: Man Wants to Exterminate Moths in His Old Apartment

Laura Beatham
Jul 14, 2021
01:45 A.M.
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Today's jokes will have you laughing at three people who did not quite understand their situations! One man struggled with a moth problem, while a woman had difficulty with a puzzle.



A man moved into an old apartment. After a couple of days, he noticed that the apartment had many moths, so he phoned his mother for advice on how to handle the situation.

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His mother said that he should buy mothballs. So he went to the store and bought a pound of mothballs. The next day, he went back and bought another pound.

Then later that same day, he returned a second time and purchased another pound of mothballs. The store clerk stopped him and said, "Wow! How many moths are you dealing with?"

Moth. | Photo: Pexel: Jonny Lew


The store clerk continued, "I have worked here for many years and have never seen someone buy this many mothballs. You must have a real infestation." The man sighed and said, "Well, I guess not everyone has great aim."


A woman phoned her friend and said, "I am busy working on a puzzle, but it is too hard for me! Do you want to come over and help me?"

The friend agreed and asked, "What is the puzzle suppose to be?"


The woman replied, "It is a rooster."

A few hours later, the friend arrived, with soda and snacks in hand, ready to help her friend complete this supposedly difficult puzzle.

The friend looked at the puzzle box and said, "Um, I'm afraid you will never be able to make something that looks remotely like a rooster." The friend became very upset, so the other woman said, "Calm down, and help me put the cornflakes back in the box."



A man's girlfriend was angry at him, so she locked him out of their apartment. He tried everything he could to get inside, but nothing worked. So he could only bang on the door and repeat, "Knock, knock."

After a few minutes of the noise, the girlfriend shouted, "Go away."

The boyfriend then responded, "No! you're supposed to say, "Who's there?" "

The girlfriend said, "Agh, fine. Who's there?"


"John," responded the boyfriend.

"John who?" said the girlfriend.

"John Smith." said the boyfriend.

"Agh, that is a terrible Knock-knock joke. You aren't even trying," the girlfriend yelled back.

So the boyfriend started again. "Knock knock!"

"Who's there?" said the girlfriend.

"Matt!" responded the boyfriend. "

Agh! Matt who?"


The boyfriend then said, "Matt Smith!"

The girlfriend yelled back, "You still don't get it! Do you even know how to tell a Knock-knock joke?"

The boyfriend then said, "Okay, well, why don't you show me how it is done?"

"Fine!" said the girlfriend. She switched places with him, and he closed the door behind her. She began, "Knock-knock!" However, the boyfriend did not respond. Instead, he locked the door and went to bed.