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Daily Joke: Moth Goes to a Podiatrist's Clinic

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 17, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Today's joke is about a moth that went to see a doctor. He had a load of complaints, and it was so much that the doctor lost count and was also at a loss of how to help.


One day, a moth went to see a podiatrist. After the doctor asked him what was going on, he began explaining that he worked for George Ilinivich, and he was always working.

Photo: AmoMama


The moth shared that he worked so much that he had lost a sense of why he was working. He shared that he had no idea what he was doing anymore and also doubted that his boss George Illinivich knew.

A photo of a colorful moth | Photo: Shutterstock


The moth added that his boss only knows that he has power over him, and it gives him superior joy. The moth complained that he was constantly pacing around and had no idea what he was worried about.

He relayed that he would toss and turn in bed and sometimes wake up to see an old lady in his bed. That was a lady he once loved. He also shared that his youngest child, Alexandria, was taken by the cold last season.


He added that his other boy, Gregarro Ivinalititavitch, was a coward and that he no longer loved him. The moth revealed that when he looked into his boy's eyes; he saw cowardice.

The same one he saw when he looked at himself in the mirror. He told the podiatrist that he wished he was not a coward so that he would get the courage to reach for his loaded gun and end his existence.


The moth also mentioned that he sometimes felt that he was caught in his own web and a fire was underneath. When he was finished, the doctor was stunned and told him that he needed to be at the psychiatrist's office.

With great shock and confusion, the podiatrist asked, "Why on earth did you come here?." The moth emphatically replied, "Cause the light was on."



A woman had been cheating on her husband with a bug-control officer. One day the two were upstairs in the bedroom. All of a sudden, she heard her husband's car in the garage.

She immediately got up and asked her lover to hide in the wardrobe. By now, the husband was rushing up the stairs towards the bedroom. There was not much time as the bug-control officer hid in the cabinet, naked.


The woman's husband entered and noticed immediately that something was amiss. He heard a slight rustle coming from the closet, and he opened it. Standing naked in there was the bug-control worker.

The naked man introduced himself, "I'm an inspector from Bugs-B-Gone." He added that he was in charge of clearing out the infestation of moths. Then the husband asked him why he was naked. The bug controller exclaimed, "Those little bastards!"