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Daily Joke: Clumsy Raymond Gets a Job at the Zoo

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 15, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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Raymond got a job at a zoo, and for each of his tasks, his clumsiness got the best of him. Finally, tired of what had happened, he decided to leave his job.


A lazy Raymond once got a new job at a local zoo in his neighborhood. On his first day on the job, his manager asked him to clean out a tank of a rare fish as his first task.

The following day, a new lion was dropped in the zoo | Photo: Shutterstock


Unfortunately, Raymond slipped on a wet patch and smashed the fish tank. He looked in horror as each fish emerged out of the tank and littered around the wet floor.

In despair, Raymond quickly looked around for another tank to save the dying fishes but seeing none around, he threw them into the lion's enclosure where an undernourished lion snapped them all up.

Ashamed by what had just happened, Raymond did his best to remove every trace of the broken tank. Afterward, he went to his boss to report for his second task of the day.

Photo of golden fishes in a pond | Photo: Pexels


His second job was to deliver a plate of buns to the chimp's tea party. Unfortunately, when he got to the party with the buns, he slipped on a banana skin and fell on two of the chimps, crushing them to death.

Scared, Raymond threw the bodies of the dead chimps into the lion's enclosure, hoping no one would notice their absence. Afterward, a hungry lion descended on the dead chimps.

Two monkeys sitting on a tree | Photo: Pexels


For his third job, the clumsy new guy was asked to go to the insect house close by and repair the tank where a hive of killer bees stayed. Again, Raymond tried to be careful about this task, but his clumsy nature got the best of him.

Unfortunately, while climbing the tank, he fell from the ladder and landed on the beehive, squashing it flat. Then, worried that the bees would escape, he stepped on the hive, ensuring that every bee is mushed into goo.

Photo of someone holding honeycomb with honeybees | Photo: Pexels


Afterward, Raymond tried to dispose of any evidence of what had happened in the lion enclosure. Finally, tired of everything, he decided to leave the zoo for good and not return.

The following day, a new lion was dropped in the zoo. It got to talking with the guys in the enclosure and asked, "So what's the food like in here?"

One of the lions then replied, "It used to be terrible, but recently, it's got a lot better. Yesterday we had fish and chimps with mushy bees."

Photo of a lion lying down | Photo: Pexels

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