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Daily Joke: Two Children Got Deep into an Argument about Bread and Butter

Laura Beatham
Jul 17, 2021
12:30 A.M.
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Butter is so useful! You can use it to make delicious baked treats or spread on a piece of warm fresh bread. However, these jokes show that perhaps it has different uses!



One day, two children, Dan and Jane, were deep in a philosophical conversation and were discussing life's biggest questions. Dan was amazed that Jane was so smart, so he came up with a question that would surely stump her.

"Okay, since you are so smart," said Dan, "answer this question: Why does the buttered side of the bread always fall on the floor when someone drops it?"

She went to the kitchen, grabbed the bread, and put it in the toast | Shutterstock


Jane responded, "No, it doesn't! That's not true. I will prove it to you." So she went to the kitchen, grabbed the bread, and put it in the toast. Then Jane got the butter and spread a generous helping on one side of the toast.

Jane then dropped the slice, and it landed perfectly with the buttered side facing up. She laughed and said, "See, Dan! I told you so!"

"Agh, whatever!" Dan remarked, "That's because you buttered the wrong side!"


A boy and his father were playing catch in the yard. Suddenly the boy noticed a honey bee, so he ran over to it and stomped on it.


His dad then said, "Hey! that is a honey bee, one of our friends, and because you stomped on the poor honey bee, you will go without honey for a week."

The two continued playing their game of catch when the boy noticed a beautiful butterfly. So he ran over and stomped on it.


"No, son! That was a butterfly!" The father responded, "because you stomped on the poor beautiful butterfly, you will not have any butter for a week."

The next morning, the family was enjoying breakfast. The young boy was eating his toast without honey or butter when a cockroach ran from under the fridge, and the mother stomped on it.

The boy then looked at his father and said, "Are you going to tell her, or should I?"



A man was getting ready for a business trip. He was suspicious of his wife, so he came up with a plan to try and catch her. He tied a spoon to the frame of his bed and put a bowl of milk underneath it.

He made sure that if it were only his wife's weight in the bed, the spoon would not be in the milk bowl. So if the spoon were wet with milk when he returned, he would know that someone else was in his bed with his wife.

The man went on his business trip, and when he got home, he went straight to the bed and checked on the bowl. However, when he looked under the bed, he found a bowl of butter.

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