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Daily Joke: During a Bank Robbery the Perpetrator's Mask Was Ripped Off and His Face Was Seen

Laura Beatham
Jul 17, 2021
01:45 A.M.
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Robbing banks is a severe crime. However, these jokes bring out the funny side of it as a few robbers tried to get away with their crimes in hilarious ways!



A hooded and masked bank robber rushed into a bank and forced the tellers to load his sack with cash. On his way out of the bank, a brave citizen grabbed his hood and pulled off his mask to reveal the robber's face.

Everyone in the bank was silent until... | Shutterstock


Without any hesitation, the robber shot the citizen. The robber then nervously looked around the bank and noticed one of the tellers was looking right at him, so he shot the teller too.

Everyone in the bank was now terrified of the robber and started looking intently at the floor. The robber then yelled, "Did anyone else see my face?"

Everyone in the bank was silent until one old farmer nudged his wife and said, "Hey! I think my wife got a pretty good look at you!"



After three bank robbers robbed a bank, they tried to evade the police. They ran from the scene of the crime and then stumbled onto a farm. They heard the police sirens and made a run for the barn.

They made it to the barn and decided they would hide in it until the coast was clear. The first robber hid amongst the horses, the second hid amongst the cows, and the third hid in a pile of potatoes.

After a few minutes, the police officers arrived at the barn. They started to search the barn for the robbers. One officer walked towards the horses, and the first robber said, "Neeeeyy!"


"Okay, looks like there is no one by the horses," the officer said.

Another officer went to check out the cows. The second robber had noticed what the first had done, so he followed suit and said, "Moooooo!"


"Okay, looks like there is no one by the cows," the second officer said.

Another officer then walked over to the potatoes. The third robber noticed what the other two robbers had done and thought that it was brilliant, so, in a sing-song voice, he said, "poh-TAY-toh!"

Of course, the third robber blew their cover! If you want to hear more jokes about bank robbers, check out this joke about a couple who decided they would try their hand at robbing a bank!