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Daily Joke: One Man Agrees to Extinguish Fire at an Oil Well for Just 500 Dollars

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 20, 2021
08:45 A.M.
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One day the oil well of three tycoons caught fire. They tried everything in their power to put the fire out but to no avail. As the unfortunate incident continued, they decided to seek the help of Red Adair, a famous oil well firefighter.


When they called him, the fireman noted that he was well capable of putting out the fire. However, he demanded half a million dollars for the work and explained that it would take about three days for him to get to the scene.

Lopez the miracle worker doing his thing | Photo: Shutterstock


The situation was critical, and the tycoons were getting impatient. They couldn't risk more losses by waiting an extra three days for Adair, so they called Pedro Lopez, the owner of an oil well firefighting service.

Lopez assured the tycoons that he could stop the fire, but it would cost them 500 dollars. He also informed the rich folks that he would get to the location in about a day. This seemed like better news, so the tycoons agreed to Lopez's terms.

Three tycoons brainstorming on the solution to the fire | Photo: Shutterstock


The following day after their conversation with Lopez, a creaky old pickup truck drove slowly up a hill. The vehicle had cracks and rattles coming out of it as it headed down a bumpy road and reached the front of the fire scene.

As the old rusty truck got to the oil well, it drove right into the middle of the fire. As the truck parked in the middle of the fire, a bunch of guys jumped and started hopping around the fire like madmen.


To the tycoons' surprise, the men continued to move all around the scene and all the fire was out before long. Then Lopez emerged from the scene, sweating vigorously.

The three tycoons watched him with such joy and praises as he strolled down the hill towards them. They were all grateful for the excellent job. One of the tycoons looked at Lopez and handed him the 500 dollars they agreed on.


The tycoon also gave an extra 500 dollars for his impressive work. After handing him the extra tip, the tycoon asked what he intended to do with the money now in his possession.

Lopez turned to the rich folks and said, "First, I'm going to get some new brakes on that pickup truck!"

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