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Daily Joke: Drunk Husband Comes Home Earlier to His Wife Who Is Cheating on Him

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 19, 2021
11:30 P.M.
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Relationships are built upon love, trust, and loyalty, but sometimes, people might feel the need to cheat on their partners. Whatever reasons they might have, nobody likes being cheated on, and some people can resort to severe measures to fix the situation.


The woman in this joke was busy having fun with her lover when suddenly, her drunk husband decided to show up a little early for a change. She was petrified at first, but then calmed herself down, turned to her lover, and said:

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"Go stand between those two statues. He won't notice because he is drunk, so don't worry."

The man obeyed the lady's orders and went to stand between the two statues. In the meantime, the woman tried to keep herself composed and formulated several strategies in her head to tackle her husband in case things went awry.

After a while, her husband entered the room and greeted his wife. Seconds later, he crashed on the bed and was about to doze off when he noticed the man standing between the two statues.


"Where did this come from? Where did this third statue come from? There were only two statues here. I don't remember the third one?!" yelled the drunk husband.

The woman panicked to hear her husband's response and quickly replied, "No, honey. There are only two statues, but you're just drunk, so don't worry and go to sleep."

It seemed like the woman's fears had come to fruition, and she didn't know how to convince her husband otherwise. She had thought that her trick to help her lover hide would work, but it failed badly.


No matter how much the woman tried to distract her husband, he stood his ground and kept pointing to the extra statue. Finally, he was done going round in circles, got mad, and turned to his wife, and said:

"No, I'm sure there is something wrong here!"

Soon afterward, he grabbed a gun from underneath the bed to shoot the man standing between the other two statues, and the three of them ran away.


What did you think of the joke? How would you react if you were in the place of the man?

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