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Younger Sister Almost Ruins Older Sister's Life - Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 20, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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An evil woman tricks her older sister and deprives her of inheritance and even more. But karma catches up with her soon, and she realizes how wrong she was.


James and Clara were over the moon when they discovered they were going to become parents for the second time. Their older daughter, Anna, was just as delighted, and she was eagerly waiting for the moment when she would hold the baby in her arms and shower her with all the love as the elder sister.

So, nine months later, when James and Clara welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Emma into the world, Anna was overjoyed. She adored Emma more than anything else in the world and took care of even the smallest of her needs. But then, Emma started growing, and their relationship changed.

Anna loved Emma but Emma didn't care about anything except the inheritance | Photo: Shutterstock


Anna was a diligent and hard-working student who, after completing her basic education, opted to pursue an MBA and assist her father in the family business. Emma, on the other hand, was frivolous and irresponsible, seemingly unconcerned about anything. She assumed her parents would always be there to look after her, so she was just busy enjoying her youth.

But one day, she received a piece of news that changed her entire life right in front of her eyes. Her parents passed away in a plane crash, and she was left with only her older sister Anna to rely on.

Emma quickly packed her bags and flew over to meet Anna and settle the inheritance because that was all that mattered to her. However, when she arrived at the lawyer’s office, she discovered that her parents had transferred their entire business in Anna’s name, leaving her with only a monthly stipend.


Emma was furious when the lawyer told her that her parents' business was transferred in Anna's name | Photo: Pexels

Emma was furious. She wanted an equal share in the inheritance and was willing to go to any length to have it. She quickly hired a cab and headed straight to Anna’s office.


When Anna saw her, she ran up to her and embraced her with open arms. Emma, on the other hand, was enraged. She despised Anna because of what her parents had done.

She shoved Anna and screamed, “You’re pathetic, Anna. I can’t believe you took everything from me! How could you even do this?”

Anna was taken aback. “What are you saying, Emma? What have I done?” she wondered, perplexed.

“You took all the shares, this business, everything!” Emma glared at her. “You had already planned all of this, hadn’t you?”

Emma accused Anna of tricking her parents and transferring the business | Photo: Pexels


Anna took a deep breath and calmly told her, “Emma, dad transferred everything in my name because you were never interested in business. You wanted to become an actress, didn’t you? Plus, he left you a monthly salary.”

Emma gave a stern glance to Anna. “A monthly salary? Is that sufficient to survive? Why don’t you just give up everything and live off that paycheck, huh?”

“Enough, Emma!” Anna yelled at her. “You really want the business and the position, right? Then prove it! We have a foreign client coming next month. We’ll each present our ideas. The proposal that is chosen will determine who will be in charge of the company.”


“Fine! Let’s do it that way!” Emma looked furiously at Anna. “But wait, what’s the guarantee that you won’t flip later?”

Anna challenged Emma to prove herself worthy of the business | Photo: Pexels


“You know me, Emma. I am your sister. I will never betray anyone, especially not my sister, who means so much to me! But I can’t believe we have to stand in the presentation room like enemies only to establish who would take over the company.”

Emma sighed and rolled her eyes. “I don’t give a damn what you think of me. All I want is my fair share! So, let’s see you next month, SISTER! I hope you learn a lesson for betraying me!” she yelled and stormed out of the office.

A month later, the presentation day arrived. Anna worked hard to make sure that her presentation was almost perfect. Emma, on the other hand, had no clue about business, so she took the easy way out. She went to Anna’s cabin early on presentation day and replaced Anna’s presentation with hers.


When Anna began her presentation in front of the clients, she noticed it wasn’t hers. On top of that, it was riddled with technical errors and phony analysis. The clients were furious. They yelled at Anna and threatened to sue the company for using fake reports.

Emma deceived Anna at the meeting | Photo: Pexels


That’s when Emma stepped in. She used the presentation Anna had made, and the clients were impressed. The clients demanded Anna to step down as the CEO and be replaced by Emma; only then would they give the contract to the company.

Anna knew her sister had cheated, but this deal was important for her. These clients were one of the companies that her late father had always wanted to sign. She didn't want her dad's dream to go unfulfilled, so she resigned as CEO, and Emma got the position finally.

Emma met Anna outside the presentation room after the meeting. "It's sad what happened to you, but at least now you understand how it feels," she mocked her.


"You cheated, Emma. You switched the presentations. How did you get the access, though? Only Josh and I have access to my cabin!" Anna screamed at her.

Anna was furious at Emma | Photo: Pexels


Emma gave Anna a pitiful look. “Oh, Josh is such a loving man. He couldn’t let his girlfriend lose, so he stepped in to assist me.”

Anna was stunned. “Josh? Girlfriend? Mind your language, Emma. He’s my husband!”

Emma started laughing. “Well, sis, he was your husband. He’s in love with me now, and we planned this together.” Emma responded confidently and then turned to Josh. “Right, honey?”

Josh smirked. “Sorry, Anna, but I didn't have a choice. I was sick of being your subordinate. Finally, I’ll have a good position in the company. And even a beautiful wife. Emma is younger than you and gorgeous. Plus, she’s the CEO now, so I don’t need you.”


Anna was devastated | Photo: Pexels

Anna was heartbroken. “How could you, Josh? You had an affair with my younger sister?!”

“Well, honey. Emma and I both want a brighter future,” Josh exclaimed. “Our goals are similar, and I think we’ll be happy together.”


“I can’t believe this,” Anna murmured, her voice quivering and tears welling up in her eyes. “You guys... you’re both going to regret it. Mark my words.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. We’ll see who has the most regrets. Now get the hell out of here!” Emma yelled at Anna.

Anna picked up all her belongings and left the office. However, she promised herself that one day she’d return and teach them a lesson.

Anna left, determined to teach a lesson to both Josh and Emma | Photo: Pexels


Not long after, that day came.

Because neither Emma nor Josh knew the basics of business, the company went bankrupt a year later. Their market reputation began to deteriorate, and no one was willing to invest in their company.

Then, one day, Emma got a call from an unknown woman. She requested a meeting with her and offered to invest in the company and strengthen its market reputation by closing deals with foreign organizations.

Emma couldn’t believe her ears! She quickly agreed to the deal and notified Josh about it. They were over the moon. They couldn’t believe someone had stepped in to save their company. But when the woman entered the meeting room, they were shocked!


The woman was none other than Anna. She was accompanied by five other men, and she now operated her own company with more than five locations throughout the world.

Anna became rich and successful | Photo: Pexels


“So, shall we begin the meeting?” Anna asked Emma as she took a seat in the conference room.

“Oh, Anna, it’s you. I knew you’d save your sister. Our parents will be so proud of you today,” Emma said in a calm voice, attempting to trick her sister emotionally.

Anna smiled at Emma. “Yes, they will be. That’s why I’m taking over this company and appointing Mr. Carter as the new CEO. From now on, you and Josh will work in the cafeteria and ensure that everyone gets their food and snacks on time.”

“But Anna...” Before Emma could finish, Anna interrupted. “You take the deal and sign the agreement or be ready to go bankrupt and spend the rest of your life on the streets.”


Emma and Josh learned a lesson in the end | Photo: Pexels

Emma and Josh exchanged glances. They knew they couldn’t afford to lose this deal. So they agreed to sign the agreement.


“That’s like it, be good employees now,” Anna said as she flipped the pages of the agreement. “I warned you that you’d come to regret it one day. Remember, even if you take everything from someone, you can never take away their belief and confidence. I hope you guys remember this till your death,” she added and walked out of the room.

What can we learn from the story?

  • If you do wrong to others, you’ll be punished for it sooner or later. Emma tried to ruin Anna’s life by taking everything from her, but karma caught up with her soon.
  • Believe in yourself. Even after losing everything, Anna didn’t give up and got her revenge.

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