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Daily Joke: Son Comes Home to Daddy and Yells At the Whole House That 0 Equals 0

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 21, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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A young boy in middle school returned home one day and was asked by his father about the things he learned in school, and the boy responded by yelling, "ZERO equals ONE!"


His father looked at him and corrected him by calmly stating that "zero is zero and one is one," but the boy would not listen, and his yelling quickly took on an annoying tone.

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At that point, his father gave up, thinking it must be some sort of silly internet prank for TikTok designed to annoy parents to get a reaction out of them.

The following day, the boy returned home from school again and immediately took up the noisy chant. "ZERO equals ONE, ZERO equals ONE," he exclaimed.


A repetition of the behavior had his father concerned about what his son was learning in school, so he asked the boy who taught him what he was yelling about — it was his math teacher.

The troubled dad called the school and scheduled a parent conference with the math teacher. At the meeting, the man explained that his son had been yelling "zero equals one" for days and had claimed that the math teacher had something to do with it.


The math teacher, of course, thought it odd. He told the father that screaming was not in his curriculum and assured him that sometimes zero equals one.

This got the father even more confused, so he asked the teacher what he meant. In reply, the math teacher went to a board and wrote, 0! = 1!



Johnny was asked to solve a sum, so he raised his fingers and started counting away. He finished and mentioned the answer, which was right. However, his teacher was dissatisfied that he used his fingers.

The math teacher asked him to leave his fingers behind his back and asked what 3+3 was. In response, the boy started to fumble around but ultimately got the question right. The answer was six.


The teacher was still certain he was still using his fingers, so he asked Johnny to put both his hands in his pockets before he asked him the next question. What is 5+5? Johnny once more started fumbling in his pockets and after a moment replied:

"Eleven, sir?"

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