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Girl Leaves Boyfriend Because of His Job - Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 26, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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A girl humiliated her boyfriend and dumped him because he wanted to pursue his passion. However, not long after, karma caught up with the girl, and she regretted her actions.


Colson was head over heels in love with his girlfriend, April, and wanted to spend his entire life with her. However, love alone isn’t always enough to keep two people happy together. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened in Colson’s case.

April was always very practical in life. After her graduation, she took up a degree in PR and marketing and joined one of the most reputed firms in the town as a marketing manager. Colson, on the other hand, decided to follow his passion and started his rock band. At first, April was first quite supportive of Colson’s dream.

Colson followed his passion and started his band | Photo: Shutterstock


However, as time passed, that started changing. April’s colleagues often mocked her for having a boyfriend who had achieved nothing in life, saying things like, he was only with April because she had a good job and high salary.

April was tired of the constant mockery and humiliation. She decided she’d confront Colson and ask him to put his passion aside for a while and instead concentrate on having a secure future. Sadly, the discussion didn’t turn out well.

“I can’t do that, April,” Colson said in response to April’s request to find a job. “You know how much I love music. It’s not possible for me to just leave it like that.”


“Colson, you’re just thinking about yourself right now!” April said firmly. “Do you not care that my colleagues always make fun of me for having a boyfriend who’s still struggling? Besides, they think you’re a gold digger. That’s why you’re with me.”

Colson gave a weird look to April. “Seriously?! Why do you even care about what they say, April? Plus, you know that I have never asked you for financial help. Why can’t you just tell them that? They’ll keep their mouths shut.”

April was done convincing Colson to look for a job | Photo: Pexels


“Do you really think they’ll believe me?” April retorted. “See, Colson, I’m telling you again. Think about your future seriously. You can’t be a loser like this all your life! Otherwise...”

“Otherwise...what, April?” Colson inquired, anxious.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to end this,” April replied in a low voice.

“End this?!” Colson looked at April in shock. “Don’t tell me you’re talking about...”

“Yes, Colson. You’re right,” April responded in a low voice. “If we can’t understand each other’s feelings and can’t respect each other’s decision, I think it’s better that we part ways.”


Colson couldn't believe when April said she was breaking up with him | Photo: Pexels

“Are you out of your mind, April?” Colson almost yelled at her. “You’re leaving me just because of what your stupid colleagues are saying?! Please don't do this, April. It might take a few years, but one day, I’ll prove to everyone that you were not wrong to choose me as your boyfriend. I promise.”


April’s eyes welled up with tears. She didn’t want to leave Colson, but she couldn’t take the humiliation anymore. She was done explaining to people that one day Colson would be a great musician. After all, it had been three years since Colson started his band, but to date, he was just struggling, jumping from one studio to another with no contracts in hand.

So, she finally gathered the courage and said something that spread an awkward silence throughout the room.

“I can’t do this, Colson. I’m sorry. I hope you get all the success you deserve, but we can’t be together.” These were April’s last words. After that, she packed her belongings and left.


April packed her stuff and left | Photo: Pexels

Colson couldn’t believe that the love of his life had left him just when he needed her the most. Aren’t your loved ones meant to be there for you while you’re going through a difficult time? Can you even call them your loved ones if they’re just around you while you’re having a good time? Colson thought to himself.


Nevertheless, he didn’t give up. He decided to show the entire world, especially April, that he could endure all hardships and become successful. And that’s exactly what happened.

Two years later, Colson bagged his first contract. He dedicated his debut record to the hardships he’d witnessed in his life, and to his astonishment, it became the best-selling album across America. Besides, it racked billions of views on YouTube and even grabbed an entry in the Billboard charts.

Colson became popular. He was all over the place, in ads, newspapers, and, of course, social media. That’s when April realized how stupid she was to leave him.


Colson's debut album was a hit and he became famous | Photo: Pexels

However, it wasn’t late; she could still make things right -- at least that’s what she thought. So, she booked herself a ticket to Colson’s concert and decided to apologize to him. But when she reached there, her hopes were dashed.


After his performance, Colson gave a speech. In the speech, he explained that only his girlfriend had supported him when he’d started his journey as a musician. He also said that he was in love with her and wanted to marry her.

When April heard these words, she wanted to run over to him and hug him and apologize, but then Colson said something that quickly changed April’s current thoughts.

“I really liked that girl. In fact, I loved her madly,” he continued, “I thought she would be there with me through the good and bad, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

After listening to Colson's speech, April realized how wrong she was to leave him | Photo: Pexels


At this point, all eyes were fixed on Colson, and the audience was eagerly waiting for him to continue his speech. April, on the other hand, hid her face in embarrassment, but she didn't leave; she wanted to know what Colson thought about her after all these years.

“It really breaks my heart to say this, but I hate her now,” Colson continued. “I was devastated when she left me. Sometimes, I used to blame myself for my life decisions. I thought if I had not decided to pursue music, I wouldn't have lost her."

"But slowly, I realized that if she loved me, she would have never left me. Anyway, wherever she is today, I just want her to know that I don’t care about her. I have a lot of people around me who love me, especially my fans. I have always worked hard and will continue to do so. Thank you.”


As Colson finished his speech, everyone rose from their seats and started applauding. They appreciated him for being so strong and overcoming the hardships in life. April, on the other hand, rushed out of the concert hall with tears in her eyes, realizing how wrong she was to leave a man like Colson.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Things like true love and friendship are tested only in tough times. Remember that if someone loves you, they’ll always be there for you.
  • Never give up. There will be days when you’ll feel like things aren’t just working out. But remember, if you are determined and loyal towards your goals, you’ll achieve them.

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