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Woman Receives Embarrassing Note from Neighbor Who Sees Her in the Shower

Bettina Dizon
Jul 28, 2021
06:20 A.M.
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Two 26-year-old women were mortified after an anonymous neighbor placed a note on their doormat, informing them that everything could be seen from the window in their shower.


Everyone has an embarrassing moment to tell, and this may be Sarah Yates and her cousin Kay's biggest one yet. The two 26-year-old women have lived together for a year in a Stockport Greater Manchester home.

However, it was only recently that their home was not private at all. Kay one day saw a note on their doormat from an anonymous neighbor, warning them that everything could be seen from their bathroom window.

Sarah Yates dining in a restaurant. | Source: twitter.com/MENnewsdesk


The resident did not leave a name, claiming that they did not want to embarrass the two ladies by personally confronting them. The note read:

"You need to put blinds up in your bathroom. When you shower you can see everything."

The previous homeowner had the bathroom with a dimmer light setting, which probably made all the difference. Wanting to cater to her taste, Yates decided to put four bright spotlights inside the bathroom.

A clean minimalist bathroom. | Source: Shutterstock


Yates knew that their outlines would be seen through a big frosted glass by the tub and shower area. However, she did not think the frosted glass would reveal more than a blurry image.

A frequent gym-goer recently added an embarrassing moment to his list after he tried to show off his rock-hard muscles while lifting weights.

Yates was on vacation in Greece at the time her cousin received the note. Upon telling her, Yates' first reaction was "Oh my God," as she turned bright red.


"We've stood in the garden to see what it looked like," she said. "But I suppose it must be quite visible to one of the three neighbors who look over the window."

The two women have no idea who sent the note, but according to them, it must have been from one of the three houses with windows that overlook their bathroom.

While Yates' story is quite embarrassing, other reported stories topped theirs off, including one of a man whose neighbor asked to lower sex noises.


Similarly, a handwritten letter was also sent to the man, asking him to fix his broken bed as the walls in their building were relatively thin. The note read:

"[...] We don't really want to know when you are having sex. This issue concerns new flats. Many thanks in advance!"

While embarrassing moments may happen when least expected, such as from the comfort of one's home, they will also likely occur in public places with many people.

A frequent gym-goer recently added an embarrassing moment to his list after he tried to show off his rock-hard muscles while lifting weights. While doing so, he failed to follow common gym safety practices and even ended up in pain.

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