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Daily Joke: Married Couple Visits Doctor Who Invites Only the Husband to Come In

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 28, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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There was once a married couple living happily together. The couple had enjoyed decades of marital bliss and were madly in love with each other until one day when they discovered something unexpected.


Apparently, the husband and wife felt terribly sick, and their condition only worsened with time. They tried everything from seeking medical help to using tried and tested home remedies, but no medicine seemed to help them.

The couple decided to visit their family doctor. | Photo: Shutterstock


As a result, the couple became worried and didn't know what to do to make themselves feel better. One day, the husband was resting with an agitated expression on his face when his wife patted his back and suggested:

"Honey, I think we should see our family doctor. I heard he came back from his foreign trip and is now available in his clinic and seeing patients. He might know how to help us."

The husband clearly didn't have much choice and agreed to visit the family doctor, with a tiny hope in his heart that perhaps, this might help remedy their ailment. So the next day, the couple went to visit the doctor.

Once inside, the doctor examined them properly and suggested some medical tests to understand their condition better. The couple went through different tests, gave their blood samples for analysis, and underwent various check-ups for ease of diagnosis.


The medical tests and analysis lasted for a couple of days, and the couple would often visit the doctor and inquire about their reports. The doctor told them to go home, hope for the best, and take rest until he had more information to give them.

The doctor sent the married couple home, and they waited days worrying about the test results. | Photo: Shutterstock


Finally, the doctor called the couple to his clinic one day, and it seemed that he had something to share. However, when they got there, he asked to see only the husband first so the wife waited outside.

As soon she left the room, the doctor walked over to her husband, put a hand on his shoulder, and said,

"You're soon going to be in peace."

The husband became anxious and immediately replied, "Wait, am I going to die, doctor?"

The doctor looked at him with a reassuring expression on his face and said, "No, your wife is. You just have a common cold."


The husband clearly didn't foresee the doctor's response, and it really makes us wonder what the doctor would say to his wife!

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