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Daily Joke: My Wife and I Had an Argument and I Said She Was ‘Rubbish in Bed'

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 09, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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It had been a great day at the office, and I was eager to go home because it was game night with my wife. We also just bought a new monopoly board, and it was all the more exciting.


On the drive back home, I quickly stopped over at a restaurant and picked some take-out meals. My wife was set when I got home, making sure the monopoly board was spread out on the table.

She had also served dinner but was glad I brought take-outs in case we got hungry midway through our game. After eating dinner, it was time for our amazing game night.

My wife and I started playing the game, and everything went smoothly for a while. However, an hour later, I noticed she was sneaky with the games, and she was not playing fair.

I kept quiet and continued watching how she was playing. I needed to be sure that she was cheating in the game. Then the right moment came, and I was able to see that she was indeed not playing fair.


From an amazing game night to serious argument | Photo: Shutterstock

I flared up at this point because I was angry that she had been cheating. She feigned ignorance, accusing me of making it all up, and by now, our voices were a few octaves higher.


My wife and I continued lashing out at each other until it morphed into a full-blown argument. We raised our voices so high that I was sure neighbors were wondering what happened.

At one point, I could not control myself and said to her, "You're rubbish in bed!" Actually, this was one of the horrible things I said to her. At this utterance, my wife stopped in her tracks and angrily headed to bed.


The next morning, we didn't share pleasantries or good morning kisses. She also did not make breakfast as she would have usually done. I knew I had wronged her, but I left for the office. At work, I kept feeling guilty for what had happened.

After a while, I called my wife to apologize. I tried making small talk by asking what she was up to, and she said she was in bed. I was confused as to why she would be in bed at midday, so I asked her why, and she replied:

"I am doing a survey!"

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