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Daily Joke: Little Johnny Was Pulling His Wagon up the Hill in a Foul Mood

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 08, 2021
06:40 A.M.
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One fine day, Little Johnny was struggling to pull his wagon up the long and steep hill slope. He tried with all his strength and power, but it was still not enough to get the wagon moving.


When he ran out of patience, he started using foul language and shouting at the top of his voice. The few people who passed by him were shocked to see a little boy using swear words, so none of them gave him a helping hand.

Little Johnny was struggling with pulling his wagon up the hill. | Photo: Shutterstock


This went on for quite some time. Little Johnny would try to pull the wagon up the hill, propelling it forward with as much force as was possible for him, but no matter how hard he tried, it refused to move.

He stopped to take a breath and started complaining again, shouting more profanities at the wagon. It so happened that a priest was walking by the area after delivering a sermon in the church, and Little Johnny caught his attention.

When the priest saw him swearing incessantly at the wagon, he was astounded and decided to walk over and see what the matter was.

"Little Johnny," said the priest in a soft voice. "You should not speak that way. My dear son, God is everywhere, and He can hear you."


The priest told Little Johnny that God is everywhere and He can hear him. | Photo: Shutterstock

For a moment or two, Little Johnny reflected upon the priest’s comment. The priest thought that perhaps his words had impacted the boy, and he was happy to have led him on the right path.


After a while, Little Johnny let go of the wagon, turned to the priest, and asked, "If God is everywhere and He can hear me, then does that mean God is in those trees over there?"

He pointed in the tree's direction, and the priest leaned forward to look at them. Turning to Little Johnny, the priest smiled and replied, "Yes, my son. God is everywhere and can hear you."

Little Johhny was quick with his next question and said, "Well, is He in those bushes over there?"

Little Johnny had some interesting questions for the priest. | Pexels/Pixabay


Once again, the priest looked in the direction he was pointing, then turned back to look at them, and answered, "Yes, dear child. God is everywhere and can hear you."

"Well, how about inside my wagon?" asked Little Johnny.

The priest flashed a smile and said, "Yes, my child. God is everywhere and can indeed hear you."

"Well, then," replied Little Johnny. "Tell Him to get out of my wagon and start pushing it!"

No wonder Little Johnny always has the most hilarious and spontaneous responses!

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