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Daily Joke: Interviewer Quizzes a Man Applying to Be a Railroad Switch Operator

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 10, 2021
08:20 A.M.
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A man went for an interview after applying for the job of a railroad switch operator. But a series of questions from the interviewer prompted an awkward response.


A man was applying for the job of a railroad switch operator and walked into a room to meet the interviewer. When he got there, the interviewer looked at him for a while then asked his first question:

The interviewer asked a series of questions. | Source: Shutterstock

The interviewer asked a series of questions. | Source: Shutterstock


He asked, "What would you do if two trains were headed toward one another on the same track?"

After a short pause, the man said he would contact the engineers and divert one of the trains.

The interviewer then asked what he would do if he is unable to contact the engineers. The man replied that he would switch one train to another track with the control panel.

After staring at the man, the interview asked what he would do if that didn’t work, and the man noted that he would go to the tracks and manually switch the tracks.


Finally, the interviewer asked what he would do if that approach did not work. So the man replied that he would call his sister. Surprised, the interviewer asked why he would call his sister, and the man said:

“Because she looooves a good train wreck."


A man was driving around the city and came to a junction where a railroad and the street intersect. He saw a woman on the other side texting, so he got off his car and stood on the tracks.

The sound of a train approaching filled the air, and the woman was surprised the man was still standing at the tracks, so she asked him if he was not going to get off the tracks. But the man was bent on impressing the lady by ducking out at the last second.


The train was speedily approaching him but as it got within a few hundred feet, a large sound of an engine revving was heard. At this time, the man was ready to leave the tracks and show his bravery.


However, as he was about to jump, the train slammed on the brakes and started to slow down before it got to the intersection where he was standing. Impressed, the man smiled that the train stopped for him. Then suddenly, he was hit by a car.


One day, two drunk farmers were helping themselves get to their homes late in the night. As they were walking, they staggered down the railroad tracks.

After walking half a mile, one of them demonstrated his anger at the long walk, so he said, "Shoot, this sure is a long staircase!" Immediately, his friend replied:


"Well, it ain't the stairs that're botherin' me so much as these stinkin' low handrails."

Did you enjoy the jokes? Here is another one about a train driver who was sentenced to death after his careless driving resulted in accidents that claimed lives.

Source: Reddit, Upjoke, Upjoke

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