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Daily Joke: Fortune Teller Predicts the Future for an Elderly Couple

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 16, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Married at a young age, a couple stuck together way into their 50s. As they grew older, the husband developed hearing issues, and his wife had to loudly and slowly repeat what anyone said to her husband.


One day the old couple visited a fortune teller. The two old lovebirds wanted to know what the husband's future held, so when they got to the fortune teller, the wife asked the crystal gazer to start with her husband.

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The fortune-teller took hold of the older man's hand and looked into it. Several silent moments passed, and the tables started shaking vigorously. The crystal ball on the table turned white, and the seer suddenly looked up with a cynical smile.

The seer told the elderly couple that the man would win a state lottery jackpot in a week. The husband didn't hear this, so his wife repeated what the fortune teller said.

The fortune-teller continuously moved his hand over the older man's hands, and the husband was more eager to hear what the seer had to say. This time, he said that the husband's money would double up in two weeks after an intelligent investment.


As usual, the wife restated what the seer said. The older man got even more excited. Smiling hard, he asked for more information. The fortune-teller then told the couple that very soon, the wife would be more content than she had ever been.


The man, as always, didn't hear, so he turned to his wife again with bright eyes and happily asked what the seer had said. Returning his big grin, the wife said:




One day, a young man walked into the shop of a fortune teller. The place was warm, dark, and filled with smoke coming out from a pot. The fortune-teller sat behind a table covered in dark blue clothes with a funny-looking Arabian hat on his head.

The man stretched his hands forward when the fortune teller instructed. After so many dramatic displays and strange incantations, the crystal gazer looked at the young man and told him that he would be responsible for the death of millions.

With wide eyes, the young man quickly jerked his hands off the crystal gazer's hands. He walked out of the building, not wanting to hear more. As he moved out and strolled down a narrow lane, he heard a commotion coming from the river across.


He ran to the scene and saw a little boy drowning. He shrugged and thought he should save at least one life, so he jumped into the water and rescued the boy. The boy's mother was so glad, and with tears, she said:


"Oh my dear god, thank you so much, mister! You are a saint! Adolf, you should thank this gentleman yourself."

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