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Daily Joke: Priest Is Curious about a Sheet of Paper the Chief Rabbi Gives the Pope Every Year

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 17, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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Every year, the Chief Rabbi visited Vatican City. On getting there, he would walk to where the Pope sits and stand there. For his visits, the Chief Rabbi always carried a linen bag and would give the Pope a worn-out and dusty piece of paper.


After receiving the piece of paper from the Chief Rabbi, the Pope always raised it above his head to allow the sun's rays to shine through it. Afterward, he would slowly shake his head.

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These actions from the Pope and the Chief Rabbi repeatedly happened yearly. It had been a Vatican Palace tradition for many years. But no one ever talked about it, and the contents of the paper stayed a secret for a long time.

After one of the Chief Rabbi's annual visits, a young priest stood in the shadows. He had been watching the interaction between the Pope and the Chief Rabbi since his priestly ordination and always wondered what it was about.

Since he could not find out as it was a secret, the young priest vowed to become a Pope so he could find out the contents of the dusty and worn-out piece of paper.


The young priest vowed to become a Pope | Photo: Pexels

One day, he finally achieved his dream and became the Pope and he looked forward to the Chief Rabbi's visit. When the Chief Rabbi arrived, he strolled to the Pope's seat and stood there.


As usual, he dipped his hand into his linen bag and took out the old piece of paper. He then handed it to the eager Pope, who had waited for the moment for so long.

After receiving the paper from the Chief Rabbi, the Pope held it out to the sun to allow its rays to pass through. When he did, he finally realized what the piece of paper contained. It was the bill for the Last Supper.

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