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Daily Joke: Doctor Gives Husband News about His Wife after Car Accident

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 21, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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An unhappy couple was arguing on their way home. It was the Christmas holiday, and they just could not agree on anything, even where to station the gigantic Christmas tree.


They ran into a tree during their argument, and with their vehicle's tire stuck in the snow, it was hard to reverse. The couple was soon hospitalized, but the wife gave in to her wounds and took her last breath when they arrived at the hospital.

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Her husband responded to treatment; he remained unconscious after some time. Finally, a few hours later, the man woke up. The doctor decided to break the sad news, so he walked up to the patient and whispered that there was terrible news while placing a hand on him.

The man looked tensed, then he asked if it had anything to do with his wife. His doctor wore a disheartening look and replied, "Yes sir, it's about your wife. She uhhh…."

Before he could finish, the man cut in and said, "Wait, you said it was a bad news right? Oh God, she survived, didn't she?"



A man and his wife were involved in an accident. The woman died nearly after she got to the hospital, but her husband managed to survive.

He responded soundly to treatment and remained unconscious for days. When he woke up, he walked around the hospital looking for his wife.

Finally, the patient found the doctor, he asked if the woman had survived. The medical expert explained that the woman was alive but would never walk, feed herself, clean up, move or do anything.


He added that the husband would have to feed her, change her diapers, check blood for urine, and change her sleeping position frequently.

This made the husband weep uncontrollably, with his face in his knees. The doctor saw this reaction, patted his shoulders, and said:

"Just kidding, she died two days ago."

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