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Daily Joke: Psychiatrist Tests Soldiers by Waving Handkerchief in Front of Them

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 23, 2021
06:30 A.M.
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A psychiatrist decided to conduct a test on a group of soldiers at the end of the second world war to determine how safe it was to reinstate them into society.


He walked up to the first soldier, waved a handkerchief in front of him, and asked, "What do you think of when you see this handkerchief?"

The soldier replied, "I think of my mother."

The psychiatrist asked, "And why is that?"

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The soldier took a deep breath before explaining, "When I left for war on the train, I remember looking through the window and seeing my mother waving her handkerchief to say goodbye." Nodding his head, the psychiatrist said:

"Thank you for telling me that."

With that, he dismissed the first soldier and moved on to the next. Waving his handkerchief again, he asked the second soldier what came to his mind. The soldier replied, "I think of the desert."

The psychiatrist asked, "Why is that?"

A smile almost formed on the soldier's lips as his voice trailed on dreamily: "Well, I was stationed in a desert, and I remember it was the most beautiful morning. I looked up and saw the flags on the tanks waving like you waved your handkerchief. At that moment, I knew we would win the war."


The psychiatrist's lips curved into a smile as he replied: "Thank you for telling me that."

Walking up to the third soldier, the psychiatrist made the same motion with his handkerchief and asked the same question.


The third man responded saying, "I think of girls."

Abashed, the psychiatrist asked, "And why is that?"

The soldier replied, "That's all I think about."


I visited my great-grandfather over the weekend and found him seated on his rocking chair, looking like an emotional wreck with tears rolling freely down his eyes. Naturally, I became frantic, anticipating the worst. When he finally collected himself a little, I asked what was going on.


In response, he narrated his experience in the war, saying, "While fighting during World War I, I saw a German, and he saw me. We both aimed at each other, but he was quicker and shot first. He missed me. In shock, I just ran away, never to see him again. Or so I thought."

I looked on as my grandpa wiped the tears from his eyes with the sleeves of his oversized sweater. He continued, "You see, some years later, I was fighting during WWII. I was on the battlefield and saw the same guy. We aimed at each other. Once again, he was quicker and shot first."

Just when I wondered the relevance of the story to my old man's tears, he admitted that the German missed him once again. Like before, his instincts willed him to take to his heels, which saved his life a second time.


I waited patiently for my great-grandpa to blow his nose, anticipating his next words. And he said, "That German man just sent me a letter that says, 'I miss you a lot.'"

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