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Daily Joke: Three Italian Nuns Die and Choose Who They Want to Be Reborn As

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 25, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Three Italian nuns died, and when they appeared at the magnificent heaven's gate, they had the option to choose to be reborn and live for six more months.


Saint Peter greeted the women with a bright face. The seemingly proud and smiling saint explained to them that they had lived a pleasant life worthy of emulation and had the opportunity to select another personality to return to earth as.

Three nuns were asked to select what personality they want to be reborn as | Photo: Shutterstock


Upon hearing this, the first Italian quickly said she would love to live her remaining six months as Sophia Loren. Then, in a twinkle of an eye, she disappeared to earth.

The second nun excitedly added that she would not mind being Madonna. Within seconds, she vanished, leaving the third nurse.

The third nun looked at Saint Peter and said that she wanted to appear as Sara Pipalini. This name did not sound familiar to the saint who asked if she was sure of the name.


The Italian woman nodded, but after much debate and questioning, she finally brought out a newspaper and handed it to the saint. He looked at it for a while and began to roar with laughter. The saint said:

"No sister, the paper says it was the Sahara Pipeline that was laid by 1,400 men in 6 months!"



A drunk man had too many bottles for the night and could not help but stagger while struggling with his blurry vision. As he walked out of the bar, he saw a nun walk quickly on the footpath. The man made some inaudible noises, then began to charge at the nun.

The drunk caught her from behind and threw her to the ground with some superman punches. Dumbfounded, the nun struggled to get up but the drunk man kept coming at her.


Tired and appearing done with the nun, the man finally stopped and gave her a cold stare. He locked eyes with the nun and feeling no remorse, yelled:

"You're not so bloody tough tonight, are ya Batman?"

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Source: Reddit, Upjoke

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