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Family Notice Gross Smell in the House, Realize It's from under the Carpet and Open Up the Floor

Lois Oladejo
Sep 01, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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After enduring a gross smell in their bedroom for weeks, a TikTok user discovered a hidden portal right underneath her carpet. The rusted metal door opened into a more shocking discovery.


A TikTok user from Britain was more than glad to discover the source of the putrid odor that had plagued the family since moving into their recently-purchased 500-year-old home. However, nothing could have prepared her for the shocking secrets hidden underneath her creamy white carpet.

Taking to the video-sharing platform, the woman, who had been sharing every step of her property-renovation journey since purchasing the 16th-century house, posted a video of the shocking discovery.

Photo of a creepy manhole | Photo: tiktok.com/candyrainsalon


The clip showed a white carpet covering the entire floor of a room that looked under renovation. The carpet appeared to split in the middle to reveal the underlying concrete floor.

In the video, a man's hands appeared as he tore one half of the carpet off the floor to reveal a rusty door leading into what Candy described as a secret manhole. As the couple wondered what lay underneath, the man proceeded to unscrew the metal covering. He then wedged it open, using a crowbar.

Throughout the process, Candy could be heard in the background gasping at intervals and commenting on the gross smell emanating from the manhole. The discovery prompted her to exclaim: "Who just covers this with a carpet?!"


Photo of man trying to open a manhole | Photo: tiktok.com/candyrainsalon

Everyone paused to catch their breath after the metal door was plunged open. Candy then urged her partner to put on hand gloves, but he didn't seem keen on the advice. The man proceeded to yank open the rusty door all the way, with sticky lines of cobwebs extending from it.


Now completely exposed, the camera moved closer to the gross-looking manhole, revealing a network of drainage pipes! As she made heaving sighs signifying her repulsion, Candy exclaimed: "O my goodness! That's poo pipe… in our bedroom!"

The camera panned the bedroom as she made her last statement, bringing an end to the video. While the drainage system was not exactly what Candy and her partner expected, it explained the mystery surrounding the awful smell.


The TikToker admitted she and her partner spent weeks accusing each other of farting due to the horrifying odor. It was at least comforting to identify the source of the mystery.

Candy explained that the house had remained vacant for ten years before they purchased it. It had also been converted to an office about 30 years ago, which explained the seven extra toilets connected to the hidden drainage system.

The video has garnered mixed impressions from TikTokers, with most repulsed by the idea of living right above a drainage system. One user wrote: "Your [sic] screwed next time it rains really heavy, and it all becomes overwhelming with water. Straight into your house."


Photo of man trying to open a manhole | Photo: tiktok.com/candyrainsalon

Some were more concerned for the man's safety, reprimanding him for not wearing a mask and gloves before embarking on such a risky affair.


Most insisted he should have been more prepared for potential disaster by having some sort of weapon around, while others implied he unleashed a supernatural force by opening the decade-old portal. A user suggested: "Idk your beliefs, but get that house cleansed."

Many users advised the couple to take the matter up with their surveyor, who was obligated to tell them about the drainage system even before making the purchase. However, Candy explained that she did not have the house surveyed before purchasing it.

Photo of man opening the cover of a manhole | Photo: tiktok.com/candyrainsalon

Others expressed disappointment that the suspense-filled footage ended in the discovery of mere pipes when they expected something more gruesome like monster spiders, historical treasures, or even a body. Better poo pipes than creepers!