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Husband Goes to Extreme Lengths to Test His Wife and Girlfriend, Then He Faces the Harsh Truth — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Sep 13, 2021
01:20 A.M.
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A man went beyond the norm just to test his wife and girlfriend. But things didn’t go as he’d expected, and he faced harsh truth.


“Don't you think it’s getting too much, Courtney?” Courtney’s husband, Dilan, nearly yelled at her. “I mean, this is the third time this week that you’ve arrived home so late.”

“We can discuss that later, Dilan,” Courtney said quietly. “I’m tired as hell.”

Dilan gave her a serious look. “But what about dinner? I’m not going to order food again!”

At this point, Courtney lost her cool. “Are you serious, Dilan?! Can’t you just manage something by yourself?”

Dilan faked an accident to test his wife and girlfriend | Photo: Shutterstock


“Of course not!” Dilan replied. “You know I can’t cook! By the way, what’s so important at work these days that you’re always so late?”

“I don’t want to argue with you, Dilan. I’m going to sleep,” Courtney replied as she headed towards the bedroom.

Conversations like these had become a daily routine for Courtney. If she were her old self, she would have at least bothered to explain to Dilan why she often came home late.

But ever since she’d discovered Dilan was having an affair with his colleague, she hardly cared. She knew one day she’d be sitting in the lawyer’s office signing their divorce papers and ending her relationship with the only man she’d ever loved.


Dilan, on the other hand, just cared about himself. Even though he was aware that Courtney was swamped at work, he never helped her with household chores. He only cared about himself and his comfort.

Dilan and Courtney had become quite distant | Photo: Pexels


As far as their daily quarrels were concerned, they had become too much for Dilan to bear. He was looking forward to the opportunity to show Courtney that he had someone in his life who was far better than her. And he got the opportunity to do it sooner.

One day, Dilan was on his way to meet his girlfriend Carrie when he witnessed a horrible accident. He saw a man in an ambulance, and he was missing one leg.

Suddenly, Dilan had an idea. He decided to visit his friend who worked as a traumatologist. His name was Robert. He told Robert to call both Carrie and Courtney and tell them he’d been in a terrible car accident and that they needed to come to the hospital as soon as possible.


Robert was perplexed. “Are you alright, Dilan?” he inquired, baffled. “Why would you even think about doing something like that?”

“Well, I want to test my wife and girlfriend. I want to prove to my wife that there’s a woman in my life who’s better than her and cares about me! I'm certain Carrie will pass the test. She loves me, after all,” Dilan replied.

Dilan asked Robert to help in carrying out his plan | Photo: Pexels


“You’re insane, man! How can you even think like that?” Robert was shocked.

“Just do as I say, Rob. Come on!” Dilan responded cheerfully.

Robert didn’t want to listen to Dilan, but he kept insisting, so finally, Robert placed the call. He called Carrie first.

“Hello, is this Carrie Smith?” Robert asked on the call.

“Yes, who's this? And where did you get my number?” Carrie inquired.

“I’m sorry to be telling you this, ma’am, but Mr. Dilan James has met a terrible accident. We called you since your number was there on his emergency contact list,” Robert explained.


Robert called Carrie to inform her about Dilan's accident | Photo: Pexels

“Oh, God!” Carrie replied after a pause. “I wish I could assist, but I’m only his colleague and currently out of town. I think you should contact someone at the main office and get his wife’s number,” she added and disconnected the call.


Dilan was shocked. He couldn’t believe Carrie had lied on the call. “I can’t believe this, Rob! I never knew Carrie was like this! She didn’t even sound worried,” a dejected Dilan spoke.

“Well then, it’s high time you stop taking your wife for granted, Dilan,” Robert suggested.

“I am so shocked, Rob. I was on my way to Carrie’s house today. I even bought her her favorite flowers, and I was planning on proposing to her soon!” Dilan remarked.

“Well, it’s good that you realized you were trusting the wrong woman,” Robert explained.

“But...” Before Dilan could finish, Robert cut him off.


Dilan was shocked when Carrie lied on the call | Photo: Pexels

“Now, let’s call your wife. I know she’ll be concerned about you. She loves you, Dilan, and this call will prove it,” Robert said confidently and dialed Courtney’s number.


It happened as Robert had predicted. Courtney was taken aback when she received the devastating news. She started to cry on the call and said she would be at the hospital in 20 minutes.

But Dilan wanted to test his wife further, so he asked Robert to take him to a ward and inform Courtney that he was in a coma. Robert did as Dilan had suggested. When Courtney came into the ward, she started to cry and talk to Dilan, who was lying with his eyes closed.

“I’m sorry, honey. I shouldn’t have fought with you, but I didn’t have a choice. I wanted to avoid you as much as possible because I thought it would make things easier for me if you left me. I know you don’t love me any longer, and you’re seeing someone else.”


Dilan opened his eyes and hugged Courtney. His eyes welled up with tears. “I’m so sorry, Courtney. I didn’t realize how wrong I was. Trust me. I’ll never cheat on you again.”

Dilan and Courtney became close again | Photo: Pexels


“Wait a minute, Dilan. You’re okay?” Courtney was shocked. “So, this whole thing was a prank?”

“I don’t want to talk about it first, Courtney. Can we just stay like this for a while? Please?” Dilan said.

Courtney hugged him tightly, and they remained in that posture for ten minutes. Dilan confessed everything to Courtney on the way home, promising her that he would never look at other women again.

Dilan did as he had promised. After that day, they never argued again, and a year later, they welcomed a lovely baby girl into the world.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Never cheat on your partner. The way Dilan was cheating on Courtney with Carrie wasn’t right at all.
  • Sometimes wrong things lead to something right. Although Dilan testing his wife and girlfriend like that wasn’t right, it made him realize that his wife was the one who truly cared about him.

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