Man Apologizes to Girlfriend by Buying Box of Tampons Because He Thinks PMS Is Why They Fought

Ayesha Muhammad
Oct 01, 2021
06:00 P.M.
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A man decided to seek forgiveness from his girlfriend by buying her some flowers, a pack of chocolates, and a box of tampons following their heated argument one night.


Couples fight and reconcile all the time, but sometimes, their arguments can steer in a completely different direction and even spiral out of control. Jack Sullivan from Chelmsford, Essex, England, claimed to have experienced something similar with his girlfriend.

The man revealed that he returned home late at night after spending time at the pub and entered into a huge argument with his partner.

Jack Sullivan took to Twitter, sharing his apology post, which included a trio of gifts and a note. | Photo: twitter.com/SullivansTweets

Jack Sullivan took to Twitter, sharing his apology post, which included a trio of gifts and a note. | Photo: twitter.com/SullivansTweets


He shared the incident on Twitter, adding a picture that included a trio of gifts he had bought for his lover—a bouquet of roses, a pack of Thornton's chocolates, and a box of Tampax. The picture also included a small hand-written note that read:

"The chocolates are cos I love you. The flowers are cos I'm sorry. The Tampax is cos I'm still not sure why I'm apologising so I guess you'll need these any day now (sic)."

Moreover, the man also thought of an interesting caption for his Twitter post that said: "Went pub last night and come home and had a bit of an argument with the missus. I'll be the bigger man and apologize.. (sic)."


Jack's social media post immediately grabbed the attention of several people, who were quick to share their responses. Netizens had mixed opinions regarding the incident, and they didn't hesitate to voice their thoughts.

Some people quickly picked up on the tampon reference, deeming it inappropriate for a man to blame a girl's emotions on her periods and PMS.

There were still others who took the entire incident as a big joke and found it befitting to be shared on a social media platform like Twitter.


There was a large majority of people who were downright annoyed by the man's reaction. One netizen added:

"Can men actually use their brains and stop thinking that when a woman is sad, upset, annoyed or mad that they are either due on or on their period like we literally feel those things all the time (sic)."

One netizen jokingly commented: "How was the sofa to sleep on? Comfortable?" A second one ragingly added: "Are you really apologizing if you're saying 'I'm not sure why I'm apologizing' and suggesting that you don't need to because period/PMS = overreaction (sic)?"


Similarly, there were netizens who said they found the man's gesture cute until they realized what the tampons were aiming at. Another user expressed their anger in the following words:

"I hope she slaps those roses around your head."

The Twitter post, which was shared on September 20, 2021, has garnered around 27.7K likes so far and was retweeted more than 1500 times, with many netizens continuing to comment on it.

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