October 19, 2021

21-Year-Old Nanny Saves Infant's Life by Donating Part of Her Liver Few Weeks after Meeting Her

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A young nanny had been on the job caring for a baby when she made a brave decision. She had only known the infant for a few weeks, but she made a big sacrifice for her. 

College student Kiersten Miles came into the Rosko family at just the right time. A friend had recommended her as a nanny to the family for the summer, and that's how their unexpected journey started. 

The then-21-year-old was responsible for looking after three kids, one of which needed some extra care. In 2017, Miles started to develop a close bond with 16-month-old Talia. 

A young nanny holds the child she is caring for and whom she donated part of her liver to | Photo: Youtube/cw11



When Talia's parents took her for a check-up, doctors noticed something was wrong with her eyes. After a biopsy, they discovered that her liver was destroyed. She was diagnosed with a rare condition known as biliary atresia. 

Her mother said she felt paralyzed upon hearing the news. Her little girl's liver was blocked and severely scarred. She needed a transplant and was placed on the waiting list around the time they met Miles. 

A young child plays with her nanny who donated part of her liver to save her | Photo: Youtube/PIX11 News



The young nanny quickly became attached to the little girl and naturally wanted to know more about her condition. She did her research and found out more.

Within three weeks of knowing Talia, Miles decided she wanted to donate part of her liver. Once she found out that she was a match, she was even more confident in her decision.  

21-year-old nanny prepares for surgery wherein she will donate part of her live to a child she was caring for | Photo: Youtube/PIX11 News



Talia's mother was stunned. She said: "This is not like donating blood. This is serious; you need to talk to your parents. [I told her] you need to research this and she's like, 'already did.'"

It took six months of paperwork and tests before both were ready for surgery. The procedure was a success. Miles said: "The first and second day of recovery was probably the worst. It was kind of just uncomfortable."



Despite this, Miles said it was worth it. Talia's father was surprised by how quickly his little girl was back to being her old self. He expressed: "I call her my rock star because she went through so much, and she's stronger."

Both Miles and Talia have scars from their respective surgeries, but it was a small price to pay. Talia's parents are overwhelmed by what their nanny did for them "out of the goodness of her heart." 

A young child plays with her nanny who donated part of her liver to save her | Photo: Youtube/PIX11 News



The young woman believes "it was meant to be." She stated that the experience made her a better human being and expressed: "It's changed my outlook on my whole life."

After helping Talia survive her life-threatening condition, Miles has become more aware of the need for organ donation and awareness in America. While she can never donate part of her liver again, it was worth it because it saved someone's life. 


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