Two Teen Boys Save 3-Year-Old Girl Who Was Accidentally on the Highway at Night

Dayna Remus
Oct 20, 2021
10:00 A.M.

Some walk amongst us with the most compassionate and bravest of hearts. These individuals' kindness shows no bounds, with many of them willing to risk their lives for complete strangers.


For the most part, teenagers do not tend to practice a high level of precaution, which can be concerning. However, in 13-year-old Zech Krinjnic and 15-year-old Dalaurence Holland's case, their perhaps impulsive curiosity ended up being a good attribute.

The two were sitting on Krinjnic's porch, simply spending some time together, when they noticed a figure running in the darkness at around 10:00 pm.

Zech Krinjnic [left]; Dalaurence Holland [right]. | Source: youtube.com/newschannel5tv

Zech Krinjnic [left]; Dalaurence Holland [right]. | Source: youtube.com/newschannel5tv


The young men decided to follow this unknown shape. Eventually, they saw what appeared to be a toddler running onto the highway.

Both teens got out of the car to save the 3-year-old girl. Krinjnic explained that his companion managed to pluck the toddler up right before a truck came rushing by, almost hitting the child, as Holland made his way to the center of the roads.

Zech Krinjnic and Dalaurence Holland walking along a road with another individual. | Source: youtube.com/newschannel5tv

Zech Krinjnic and Dalaurence Holland walking along a road with another individual. | Source: youtube.com/newschannel5tv


Krinjnic revealed that he and his friend chose to save the toddler without thinking for even a split second, both jumping in front of the truck and forgetting to look both ways. Holland recalled:

“Everything in my mind just dropped. My mind went clear, and I was focused on getting the kid.”

The 15-year-old expressed that he felt emotional after the fact, in disbelief that he and Krinjnic had just managed to save the little one's life.


The teenager stated that the incident brought tears to his eyes as he realized what a fantastic thing they had done. The girl's grandmother said that both young men deserve recognition for their heroic actions.

There does not seem to be any information or statements from the parents as of yet. However, officials did interview them, and they are investigating the matter.


Krinjnic and Holland made it apparent through their decision to take action without any pause for thought that humans as a species tend to have an instinct to protect our young. Firefighter Ryan Benton reflected this protective urge through his heartfelt actions.

After a little girl just went through a terrifying accident, the compassionate firefighter read to her to calm her down. In a photo taken of the moment, the fireman was seated on the side of the road, with the little girl next to him.

No one was physically harmed in the car accident, although both vehicles were damaged from the traumatic incident.

What would you do in these situations? Would you stand by, be proactive and risk your life or just do something small to help a little one get through a day or moment?

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