October 20, 2021

High School Football Team Gather for Training, End up Saving Lonely Boy from Being Kidnapped

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A routine day of football practice turned into a rescue mission. A high school team saw that a lonely boy was at risk, and they prevented a potential kidnapping. Netizens were upset that no charges were filed. 

In 2013, a young boy was innocently watching his school's football team practice when he experienced a terrifying moment. The student from Fenton High School was standing by himself when a "creepy" stranger with ulterior motives approached him.

The boy was immediately on edge as a middle-aged man tried to grab his attention. A JV football player detailed the encounter and shared how his team saved the boy by telling the stranger to "go away." 


The team of football players who rescued a boy from a creepy stranger | Photo: Youtube/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7


The boy screamed for help when the man started to exhibit suspicious behavior. This alerted the football team to the looming danger, and they acted quickly and courageously. 


It was an emotional and traumatic experience for the young boy, and one football player stated: "The kid went behind me and said, 'Please don't let him take me' and I'm like, 'We won't, bud.'" 


The football team could see the fear in the youngster's eyes, and their protective instincts kicked in. Another team member shared: "We got between him, so he could not get to the little kid, then he ran off." 


The footballers chased the stranger away, called 911, and took photos of his license plate. Geared with a good description of the man, the police could track him down. 

Football player explains the swift action he took to save a boy from a potential kidnapper | Photo: Youtube/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7



However, what happened next upset many netizens. Despite authorities discovering who the man was, no arrests were made because police said: "no crime was committed." Online users pointed out that a crime was indeed attempted. 

One person asked: "So basically you have to wait until someone is actually being kidnapped before intervening if you want the criminal to be charged?" Another added that it "should be a criminal charge."

Netizen react to a team of football players who rescued a boy from a dangerous stranger | Photo: Youtube/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7



Others stated that the guilty man would probably try to kidnap another child who may not be lucky enough to have a team of football players nearby. 

Someone said: "If I were a cop, I'd find a reason to arrest the guy; because we all know sooner or later he's going to get somebody's child." 

Commenters respond to a boy who was rescued from a potential kidnapper thanks to a team of of football players | Photo: Youtube/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7



Users also commended the footballers for their swift action. One commenter wrote: "They may be immature in their free time, but teens do step up and do good in moments like this. Awesome to see some good high school students." 

While people have labeled them true heroes, they stated that they were performing a "community service" and encouraged others to do the same.  

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