October 24, 2021

Cute 4-Year-Old Makes Emergency Phone Call Asking the Police to Come See His Toys

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An adorable four-year-old phoned New Zealand’s emergency hotline and asked the most adorable question. A police unit was dispatched immediately to the location.

Emergency hotline numbers are put up for the sole purpose of helping someone during a crisis. However, there are times when people with no real emergencies call.

Other times, unattended children phone the hotline for random reasons. This recently happened when a toddler called the New Zealand Police for a unique reason.

A four-year-old smiles with Constable Kurt on a police patrol. | Source: Zealand Police


“While we don’t encourage children to call 111 to show us their toys, this was too cute not to share,” the police wrote on Facebook, as reported by the Daily Mail.

A recording of the conversation made its way online and had listeners gushing over the cute and innocent four-year-old. “Police Lady?” the boy began. “Can I tell you something?”After the officer responded and said yes, the child proceeded to share

“I’ve got some toys for you.”

Screenshot of the conversation between a four-year-old boy and an emergency operator. | Source: YouTube/NewZealandPolice


When the dispatcher asked where the boy lived, his father took the phone, informed the operator that it was a mistake and that there was no emergency on their side of the line.

A similar incident previously happened when an Indiana resident named Daniel Schroeder was jailed for repeatedly calling 911 for a personal complaint.

He claimed that the little boy was helping out while his mom was ill, and the father did not notice that his son called 111. Still, the operator sent Constable Kurt to visit the boy’s household shortly after.

A little boy holding a cellphone. | Source: Pixabay


Once he arrived, the little boy was thrilled to show him different toys. Interestingly, Constable Kurt also showed the toddler the police patrol with flashing lights.

The officer also had “a good educational chat with the child and his parents about only using 111 for emergencies.” Despite the mistake, it was certainly an unforgettable moment for both the cop and the boy.

Having children call emergency hotlines is forgivable, but when adults use the number for the wrong reasons, it may cause trouble with the law.


Previously, an Indiana resident named Daniel Schroeder was jailed for repeatedly calling 911 for a personal complaint. According to the police report, the 61-year-old kept calling to say that he was tired.

Before the incident, Shroeder had already been given a warning for misusing the hotline. Still, he called repeatedly and later pleaded guilty.


After investigating the matter, it was found that Schroeder had been convicted four times for driving under the influence, fleeing the scene, and drug possession.

People of all ages need to know the proper use of emergency numbers. Although calling the hotline, other than for its intended purpose, does not harm anyone, it can prevent or delay dispatchers from helping others in real emergencies.