Worker Shares Disgusting Video Showing How Fast-Food Ice Can Make You Sick

Brittany Chalmers
Oct 22, 2021
03:40 A.M.
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A man shared a shocking revelation about the ice restaurants sometimes serve their customers. The footage disturbed many viewers and may have you rethinking your next iced beverages.


TikToker, @jantheman__, who works in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry, gave viewers a behind-the-scenes peek into what really goes on in a restaurant kitchen.

His revealing video has raked in millions of viewers and thousands of likes, with netizens sharing their disgust in the comment section. In his video, he warned patrons that the ice in their favorite restaurant might be dirty.

A man shared a shocking revelation about the ice restaurants sometimes serve their customers | Photo: TikTok/@jantheman____

A man shared a shocking revelation about the ice restaurants sometimes serve their customers | Photo: TikTok/@jantheman____



Various studies agree with the TikToker and put forward many reasons why people should avoid ice in restaurants. While ice is not really the issue, the machine that makes it can be.

Research indicates that if machines are not cleaned at least once every month, a "biofilm" layer can form, which is the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. The machine in @jantheman__'s clip looked like it needed a serious scrub.



In his clip, the worker stated that when people get sick after eating out, they often assume it is food poisoning. He suggests an alternative culprit—the ice machine.

The worker shared: "Let me tell you—there's a chance that it was their ice that got you sick ... That water is what is making you sick." He panned the camera over the ice machine and showcased the dirty device and murky water.



Debris was also floating in the water displayed in his video. Referring to the water, he stated: "You can't tell me this water hasn't given people the runs." Much of the online community agreed with the TikToker.

People wanted the health inspector to be called in for the dirty ice machine. Others shared their experiences, and one netizen wrote: "I have stomach issues. Every time I eat at a sit-in restaurant, it always acted up the MOMENT I finished my drink."

Commenters react to a shocking revelation about the dirty ice restaurants serve customers | Photo: TikTok/@jantheman____

Commenters react to a shocking revelation about the dirty ice restaurants serve customers | Photo: TikTok/@jantheman____



While many viewers supported the TikToker's claims, not everyone agreed with him, and some stated he was lying. One commenter said the water he showed users in his video was not being used to make ice.

However, the TikToker responded to their claims. He explained the machine to his viewers and indicated how the ice-making process worked.



The clip's revelation was enough for one user to state: "That'll be no ice for me going forward." However, not all iced drinks are a reason to panic or take drastic action, like moving to a country in Europe where places are known to serve un-iced drinks.

Regardless, it won't hurt to pay more attention to the cubes floating in your beverage next time, especially for people who are immunocompromised, elderly citizens, or young children.

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