Couple Left Inheritance for Grandkids but Their Specific Wording Sparks Family Feud – Life Story

Salwa Nadeem
Oct 24, 2021
05:20 A.M.

A Redditor received more than $300,000 inheritance from her grandparents, who instructed her to "fairly" share it with her siblings. Their words sparked a feud and revealed some shocking family secrets.


A 25-year-old Redditor received a letter from her grandparents saying she should share her inheritance with her "full siblings." She had two half-brothers Mack and Joe, who weren't legally entitled to receive the inheritance money.

However, the girl decided to share the inheritance with her half-brothers, not knowing how her decision would spark a never-ending conflict in the future.

Source: Amomama

Source: Amomama

The OP (Original Poster) decided to divide $300,000 equally so every person would get $100,000. She also decided to split the remaining amount when the youngest one, Mack, turned 21.

When OP received her share after turning 21, she decided to buy a house. The one she liked cost $130,000, so she decided to borrow $30,000 from Mark and Joe's share on her father's advice.


She regularly deposited money in the inheritance account so she could pay the debt as soon as possible. She still owed $13,000 when Joe turned 21.

OP's inheritance money | Source: Unsplash

OP's inheritance money | Source: Unsplash

When Joe received his share, he noticed the remaining money was less than what it should have been. OP explained she would deposit Mack's share within two years.

There was one message in OP's inbox that caught her attention.

Joe told Mack about the missing money, and they accused OP of stealing their share. They asked her to pay the remaining amount with an additional $3,000 as interest within six months.

When OP asked the boys to give her two years to pay the debt, they threatened to sue her for stealing their money and causing emotional distress.

They asked her to sign a document | Source: Unsplash

They asked her to sign a document | Source: Unsplash

Shocked at their audacity, OP decided not to pay anything to her half-brothers. Joe had already received $50,000, and she decided that was all the brothers were getting.

She sent a legal notice to her brothers to inform them about her latest decision. They tried messaging and calling her, but she blocked their numbers.

When they couldn't reach OP through emails and phone calls, the boys took it to social media and publicly accused her of stealing their money. After reading their posts, other family members harrassed OP.

The brothers wrote posts against her | Source: Unsplash

The brothers wrote posts against her | Source: Unsplash


There was one message in OP's inbox that caught her attention. It was from a 27-year-old boy named Chris Smith. He sent her some pictures she had never seen before. She explained:

"I had never met him before, but he sent me photos of him as a kid with our dad, grandparents, and me"

Chris also sent her a scanned version of a letter from his grandparents. It turned out that he received $150,000 as inheritance, and they instructed him to share it with his father's "illegitimate kids."

She talked to Chris on her phone | Source: Unsplash

She talked to Chris on her phone | Source: Unsplash

He also shared that they had an 18-year-old half-sister. OP was stunned to know how Chris had all the information. She then decided to meet him.


They visited a solicitor who confirmed that Joe and Mack had no share in Chris' inheritance since they were not "illegitimate kids."

Moreover, the solicitor also made it clear that since Joe and Mack were OP's half brothers, so she didn't have to share her inheritance with them.

Chris and OP met a lawyer | Source: Unsplash

Chris and OP met a lawyer | Source: Unsplash

After the meeting, OP wrote a letter to the boys telling them to stop asking her for money and posting about her online. She told them they weren't getting anything more than the $50,000 Joe received.

Disappointed, Joe and Mack showed the letter to their father. He messaged Chris and asked him to share his money with them, but he refused.


At this point, OP realized her grandparents had done her a favor by leaving separate accounts for her and her father's illegitimate kids. Otherwise, she would have to share her money with her greedy half-brothers.

She was happy her grandparents made the right decision | Source: Unsplash

She was happy her grandparents made the right decision | Source: Unsplash

Her refusal to share the money with the Smith brothers caused a rift in their household. Joe refused to share the cash with Mack, while her stepmother kicked her father out of the house because he never told her about his other children, including the girl born after their marriage.

While her father begged her to think again, other Redditors supported OP for not sharing her inheritance money. Tilly_ontheWald wrote:

"It serves them right. You chose to give them £100k each out of your inheritance. That's not the same as them being entitled to 1/3 of the fund"

Most Redditors agreed that the Smith brothers should have waited for their money instead of showing their greedy side. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a girl who explained why she didn't send condolences after her childhood bully passed away.

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