October 30, 2021

Dad Springs into Action When His 1-Year-Old Boy Falls into the Pool in Viral Video

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Albert Passavanti was hailed a hero after he did the impossible to save his one-year-old son, who fell into a pool.

When people are faced with a life-or-death situation, suddenly, the impossible becomes possible, and they immediately spring into action to save a life. More so when it is a parent seeing their child in danger. 

So when a Florida dad saw his toddler fall into the pool in 2019, he did not think twice about doing what he had never done before.

Albert Passavanti leaps form his chair to save his son. | Source:


Albert Passavanti was enjoying the day in his Palm Beach Gardens pool house while his one-year-old son, Rocco, wandered around. Sitting only a few feet away, Albert had his eye on the little one.

Having fun, Rocco entered the gate into the poolside to run after a colorful beach ball in the water. As he got closer to the pool’s edge, Albert yelled to his son to watch out.

But as any toddler would, Rocco ignored the warning. Instead, he reached out to get the ball and fell into the pool. As soon as Albert saw his son fall, he leaped off his chair and dived over a 4-foot barricade and into the pool.

Albert Passavanti during an interview with Inside Edition. | Source:


Although Rocco wasn’t wearing any inflatable swimming gear to help him stay afloat, it was unlikely that he would be in danger with everyone around him.

However, it was second nature for Albert to defend and save his son from drowning regardless of the risk. For an ordinary man, jumping over a 4-foot fence is no easy feat, but Albert was able to do it with only the tip of his foot hitting the top of the barricade.

Albert Passavanti leaps form his chair to save his son. | Source:


To illustrate, a person who stands at 5 feet and 7 inches would have the fence up to their chest. In an interview, Albert was asked if his perfect dive could be credited to athleticism. He replied:

“Anybody can do that. Anybody can jump over a fence, you know. A kid’s in trouble. You know, you’ve got to get them as quickly as you possibly can.”

It comes as no surprise that a parent would do anything for their children, even if it means jumping into their deaths. Sadly, this was the fate of Texas dad Josh Graham.


The devastating incident happened at Surfside Beach, where Graham and his family were having a weekend getaway. When the doting dad saw his two sons struggling to fight the current, he leaped into the sea to save them.

While he was successful in his mission, Graham passed away from drowning. According to a witness, Rodney Sanders, he and other bystanders tried to reach Graham.

Due to the strong waves, it took them over 15 minutes to get hold of his unresponsive body. After several attempts to resuscitate Graham, he was pronounced dead.

Having to cope with the loss of a husband and father was undoubtedly difficult, but knowing that Graham did what he had to do to save his kids brings comfort to his wife, Angela.