November 04, 2021

Man Sees His Newborn Baby and Kicks Wife Out – He Later Got a DNA Test

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After giving birth to her child, a woman discovered that her husband refused to own their newborn daughter because of her dark complexion. When he took a paternity test, the results shocked their families.  

A 24-year-old woman named SweetBabyZ2020 took it to Reddit after her husband, Jim, accused her of cheating and defamed her through his social media posts. 

Everyone in the family believed the newborn girl didn't belong to Jim because of her dark skin color. They urged him to take a paternity test and were shocked to see the results. 

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Many family members and friends insulted OP (Original Poster) for cheating on her husband. They called her names and berated her while her mother stood by her side throughout. 

OP's husband refused to take her back home from the hospital. He changed the locks, destroyed the nursery, and threw out everything that belonged to the woman and her daughter. OP explained:

"Weeks went by and Jim refused to speak to me directly and has never once asked about our child."

He left her in the hospital | Source: Unsplash


OP was hurt by her husband's behavior and more so by his social media posts. He wrote that he had planned to divorce her because she "pushed out a dark-skinned baby."

The family tree search led to a shocking revelation. 

The woman somehow convinced her husband to take a paternity test since she believed he was the father. Everyone was shocked when the results came out.

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No one could believe that OP was the father. The baby didn't resemble Jim, so it wasn't easy to accept the paternity test results. Everyone felt there must have been some mistake, so they urged Jim to retake the paternity test. 

To everyone's surprise, the results said Jim was the father. After the second test results came out, OP breathed a sigh of relief because now no one would accuse her of cheating. 

Jim and his parents still had doubts, so they asked one of Jim's cousins to look up the family tree and trace their ancestors. The family tree search led to a shocking revelation. 

Jim's cousin looked up the family tree | Source: Unsplash


It turned out that Jim's great-grandmother had cheated on her husband with a man of color, so the ancestry search showed Jim's family was 30% African.

Jim and his family felt ashamed of accusing OP wrongly. He apologized to OP and asked her to come back home, but it was too late. The damage had been done, and there was no way OP was going to step back into his life. She explained:

"Jim made some very racist remarks. Things that I thought he'd never say and he did it so easily."

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Jim begged for forgiveness and repaired the nursery as an apology, while OP was adamant about not returning home. However, when her sister suggested going for couple's therapy, she agreed. Little did she know what was going to happen next.

In one of the counseling sessions, Jim confessed he had cheated on OP with his ex-girlfriend before he proposed her for marriage. The confession pierced through OP's heart because his accusations were a projection of his cheating. 

However, Jim apologized for whatever happened and insisted on living together, but OP disagreed. She had planned on filing for divorce once her daughter turned a year old. Meanwhile, she posted her story on Reddit to ask other users for advice. 


She posted her story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash

Most Redditors agreed that OP shouldn't consider going back to her husband because what he did was unforgivable. They believed he showed his true colors, and she should take it as a sign to run. 


Users were happy that OP was planning to file for divorce after discovering he had cheated on her. They encouraged her to also apply for full custody of her child and never let him meet his daughter. 

Some female users were shocked at her husband's reaction and even showed the post to their husbands to ask them what they would have done if they were in his place.  

Most users couldn't understand his reaction because his relationship with OP had been going well, and he had no other reason to suspect that OP was cheating on him. His response would have made sense if OP had previously cheated on him with another man or if there was a lack of trust in their relationship.

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