Police Officer Stops Car for Speeding, Helps Deliver the Occupants' Baby

Dayna Remus
Dec 03, 2021
11:40 P.M.
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Everyone knows that the most popular way to get out of a speeding ticket is to pretend that someone in the vehicle is pregnant. This is precisely what one Deputy assumed was going on - until he spotted the unexpected.


In 2019 at 4 a.m in Naples, Florida, a hopefully soon-to-be father, Wilfried Jean-Louis, was racing towards the hospital.

Driving 18mph, the 36-year-old man was terrified as his 35-year-old wife Fabienne Gorges continuously screamed in agony. It didn't help his anxiety when a cop pulled him over. 

Wilfried Jean-Louis and Deputy Robert Pounds [left]; Wilfried Jean-Louis and Deputy Robert Pounds delivering a baby [right]. │Source: youtube.com/NowThis News facebook.com/colliersheriff



In a scene caught on Deputy Robert Pounds' dashcam, he stopped the vehicle while Gorges continued to howl. Explaining why he was speeding, Jean-Louis nervously exclaimed:

“Officer, you have the right to stop me, I’m not gonna even lie. We have a baby coming out. That’s the reason why I’m speeding.”

The officer was originally suspicious but saw that the little one was crowning. Pounds immediately sprang into action, using his handheld transceiver to call an ambulance.

Deputy Robert Pounds talking to driver Wilfried Jean-Louis.│Source: youtube.com/NowThis News



However, he knew that while they waited, he would also have to rely on some of his training to help deliver the baby - a reality that the officer was anxious about although he appeared calm on the outside.

The officer received the greatest gift of all.

Deputy Robert Pounds calling for an ambulance with his handheld transceiver. │Source: youtube.com/NowThis News


Using gloves and blanket, Pounds and Jean-Louis began pulling the baby out, which was now screaming, with the Deputy guiding the procedure.

Deputy Robert Pounds walking to a vehicle with a blanket.│Source: youtube.com/NowThis News



Sirens could be heard in the background as Jean-Louis had just finished delivering the little girl. Making sure the newborn was in good health, the officer allowed her to squeeze his finger, recollecting

"[The baby] gripped my forefinger, which really made me feel good because it was a nice tight squeeze and I knew she was going to be OK.'' 

Eventually, an emergency response team arrived to take the mom and little girl to the hospital. The new father thanked the Deputy profusely as Jean-Louis congratulated him on his new baby



Considering the circumstances, the officer excused Jean-Louis from receiving any fine with a clean record. Speaking about the incident, the new dad expressed:

"Everybody's afraid to get pulled over, but this time I was happy."

While getting out of a speeding ticket is always a relief, the officer received the greatest gift of all: parents Jean-Louis and Gorges named their daughter after him: Leila Robert Jean-Louis.


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