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December 08, 2021

Cruel Cashier Kicks Out Poor Little Boy Who Wants to Buy a Doll for His Dying Mom – Story of the Day

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A cashier was left with regrets after he realized he had been cruel to a little boy who wanted to buy a doll for his dying mom. Here’s what happened.

Joel was often heartbroken each time he returned from school and saw his mom sick on her bed. Although he was only 7, he often thought of what he could do to brighten her day.

One afternoon, he came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to approach the toy shop down his street. After seeing a doll he liked, Joel asked, “How much does this cost please?”

Joel went to the doll store to purchase a doll for his mother | Source: Shutterstock


 “$30 son,” replied a deep voice that sounded unfriendly. The voice belonged to Jason, who was known to be unkind. Children never liked him because he was never the warmest whenever they came to his shop.

Jason asked Joel if he had the money to get the doll. His voice suggested he was in no mood to waste his time on a child who was possibly in his store without his parents' consent.

“Yes, I have the money here,” Joel hurriedly replied as he poured out a few coins and dollar bills from his pocket. On seeing the paltry sum in the young boy’s hands, Jason burst into laughter.

In a sarcastic tone, he said, “You think Santa works here, huh?” You can’t even get a doll from the ghetto with what you’ve got in your hands. It’s not even enough to get a decent meal for a dog," he continued as he motioned the child to leave his store.


After seeing the doll he liked Joel asked Jason how much it cost | Source: Pexels

“Hold on sir,” Joel said. “Can my money be enough to buy any doll from your store?” he asked. He explained that he had been saving up to get the doll, and it would mean a lot to him if he got one.


Jason wasn’t having it. He emphatically asked the kid to leave, stating he was beginning to scare the other customers who had come to buy dolls for their loved ones.

The little schoolboy continued to plead, but all his attempts fell on deaf ears. As he was about to explain his cause, Jason told him that if he did not leave, he was going to hurt him.

Jason took Joel's hand and hauled him out of the store when he refused to leave and stood there holding the doll. The tearful little child pleaded once more, but the store clerk shut the door in his face.

Back in the store, Jason began to wonder why the little boy wanted a doll so badly. He also thought about why he refused to leave despite the threats he received. He concluded that something serious must have happened.


Jason saw Joel chatting with a police officer | Source: Pexels

Jason hurried downstairs to see if he could find the youngster and ask him why he wanted to get the doll, only to see him chatting with a police officer. He crouched behind a fence and listened as the kid sobbed to the officer, telling him about his ailing mother.


The policeman knelt by the side of the crying child and asked him why he was weeping. “What's wrong, kid?” Officer Mike asked. He himself was a father of two, and he wanted to help the little kid.

Finally finding his voice, Joel said, “I wanted to buy a doll for my sister but my money was far from enough and the store clerk wouldn't help me, instead he was being mean to me.”

On hearing the little boy, Mike was moved. He took a tissue from his car and gave it to Joel to wipe his teary eyes. Looking at Joel, Mike said, “You are such a sweet soul and anyone would love to have you as a friend. I’m sure your momma and sister would be proud of the man you are.”


Mike then asked him to give his sister a hug since he could not get her a doll. “She is not here with us,” Joel said. 

"Where is she?” the policeman curiously asked.

“She has gone to meet nana,” the little Joel replied. "She died a year ago. She loved to play with dolls so since mom is in the hospital and the doctor said she is going to meet my sister and nana, I thought I should get one for her. I think my mom will be happy to have something to bring to my sister,” Joel remarked.

Jason went into the store and searched for the doll Joel had asked for and handed it over to him | Source: Pexels


Mike was first confused by what the little boy was saying but he later realized that Joel meant that his sister was dead and his mother was at the brink of death too. He was suddenly filled with compassion for Joel’s family.

Mike tried to hide his teary eyes from Joel as he could not imagine such a little boy going through so much. Meanwhile, Jason, who heard everything, was filled with regret and decided to right his wrong.

He quickly went into his store and searched for the doll Joel had asked for and quickly dashed downstairs to hand it over to the brave 7-year-old.

“Hey Joel,” Jason called out. “I just realized your money is more than enough for the doll. I was going through our books and I see we have a 50% discount for all our customers today,” he said.


On hearing Jason, Joel was filled with joy and gave Jason a hug. Jason took him to the store, where he asked an attendant to neatly package the doll then paid for it himself.

He then walked Joel back to his house, where his relative came out to meet them. As he returned to the store, Jason vowed to be nicer to people. “You never know what they are going through,” he said to himself.

Jason paid for the doll with his money then walked Joel back to his house, where his relative came out to meet them | Source: Pexels


What can we learn from this story?

  • Be kind to people: it is so important to be kind to people. The world is already filled with sadness and hate, and all we can do is spread joy and happiness.
  • You can be better: like Jason, we can all decide to turn a new leaf from our bad ways and become better people. It is never too late to be changed.

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