Mother Lies and Drowns Daughter in Debt, Forcing Her to Work on Several Jobs

Salwa Nadeem
Dec 18, 2021
09:40 A.M.
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A woman who trusted her mother with her finances felt betrayed when her mother stole her money stolen. She had to work several jobs to make ends meet because of her mother.

She posted her story on Reddit, asking other people for advice on what she should do next. She revealed that her mother had been looking after her finances since she was 16.

However, the woman regretted not looking into her financial matters earlier. She believed she would have been in a better financial position without her mother's assistance.

Her mother asked her not to worry about the bills | Source: Shutterstock


When the woman turned 15, her mother told her that they couldn't afford rent and other bills. She had also stopped working because of her disability.

OP (Original Poster) felt bad for her mother and considered it her responsibility to earn money. At 16, she started hunting for jobs and eventually got hired full-time. She explained:

"At this point, I was giving her my entire checks to help out."

OP's mother told her they didn't have enough money | Source: Unsplash


Eventually, her mother spent all the money and closed her bank account. She opened another one in OP's name but ended up over-drafting it as well. 

OP felt suspicious but allowed her mother to continue managing her finances.

The woman didn't intervene and allowed her mother to look after her finances. After joining college, she received rebate checks believing she got them as a student grant.

OP worked full-time and went to college | Source: Unsplash


Her mother told her not to worry about the bills and asked her to focus on her work. However, she also complained about not having enough money. After some time, OP discovered that her mother got credit cards in her name.

Furious, she argued with her mother but she told OP not to worry about the bills saying she would pay them. OP felt she should have stopped her mother from taking care of the finances at that point. 

After some time, her mother informed her that she had used her checks to pay unknown debts. OP felt suspicious but allowed her mother to continue managing her finances.

OP was worried because of her mother's spending habits | Source: Unsplash


OP then discovered that her mother had stopped receiving disability benefits and was only getting money through her social security checks. However, her extravagant lifestyle made it look like she had another source of funds. OP explained:

"She was making extravagant purchases, like a SUV off the lot for 50k."

She believed her mother must have gotten the money from the student loans. She decided to confront her mother and ended up arguing with her. Then she looked at her finances to see where her mother spent her money.

OP reviewed her finances and discovered huge debts under her name | Source: Pexels


To OP's surprise, she had accrued a considerable student debt aside from credit card debts. She immediately demanded the money her mother spent on buying the SUV and threatened her to pursue legal action if she refused to pay.

Annoyed, OP decided to move out and live independently while figuring out how to clear her debts. She also revealed that her mother blew up the SUV's engine and asked her to pay for a cheaper car. 

Her mother also got hired in a company where OP felt she could do well, but she told OP she might leave it soon. The woman posted her story on Reddit, asking other people for advice. 

She posted her story on Reddit to ask other people for advice | Source: Unsplash


internetcivilian urged OP to pursue legal action against her mother, to avoid any further exploitation from her in the future. The user suggested OP look for free legal services that her school offers. 

Another user named Fatel28 agreed to the comment and added that OP's mother would always have an excuse when asked to take financial responsibility. The user requested OP to file a case if she wanted her mother to pay the debt.

Devilsfan118 believed OP's mother would manipulate her as long as OP allowed her. The user felt bad for OP and asked her to cut ties with her mother. Most users agreed that OP needed to pursue legal action and stay away from her mother. 


Most users asked her to pursue legal action | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP made a mistake by trusting her mother with her finances?


OP's mother took advantage of the fact that OP allowed her to manage her finances. Some people might agree that OP shouldn't have given the responsibility to her mother. However, others can't blame her for trusting her own mother, thinking she would manage her finances honestly. 

If you were OP, would you buy another car for your mother?

Despite knowing what happened in the past, OP agreed to co-sign for a cheaper car for her mother. People might argue that she could have avoided it knowing she already had to pay a huge debt. However, other people might believe she did the right thing by agreeing to co-sign and helping her mother. 

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