Woman Adopts Boy after His Mom Dies, Discovers Later She Has a Biological Son She Never Knew About

Lois Oladejo
Dec 27, 2021
10:40 A.M.

After being unmarried and childless for 49 years, Kristin Schoonveld tied the knot with the love of her life and became a mom through adoption. However, a few years after her marriage, she received shocking news.


In May 2018, a caregiver, Kristin Schoonveld, became a mother for the first time when she adopted her husband's son, Nick. Before tying the knot with Brian, the woman had never married or had children.

Her first contact with Nick's father, Brian, and his late wife was when Schoonveld was hired as a nanny for the family. She had met Nick during her college days when she worked as an assistant in a second-grade special education class in Nora Elementary.

Not long after their meeting, they formed a strong bond, and it was only a matter of months before Schoonveld met the whole family. She worked for Nick and his parents for a while before they all went their separate ways.


However, Schoonveld was back in their lives in due time, but tragedy struck almost immediately. At 60, Nick's mother, Grace, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Due to her illness, she could barely look after her son, making Schoonveld take over the motherly role.

Sadly, in 2015, Grace succumbed to the illness, leaving behind Nick and Brian. It was a terrible moment for the family, especially for Nick, who was still very young.


The little boy insisted on spending so much time with Schoonveld, and in the process, the woman also formed a strong connection with Brian. They walked down the aisle three years later, and Schoonveld decided to adopt Nick.

A few years after the adoption, Schoonveld received shocking news. She found out that she had a biological son, Parker Erickson, searching for her. Where did Parker come from? Continue reading to find out.


In 1994, Schoonveld was only 25 years old when she read a magazine about being an egg donor. She was adopted, so the article struck a chord. Schoonveld applied with a letter and a photo.

Out of 200 donors, Schoonveld was the lucky one selected. The egg retrieval was a success, and she received a letter from the couple. In the note, the couple thanked Schoonveld for helping them try to have a baby.


In the end, they bade her farewell and hoped that her sacrifice would yield offspring. Schoonveld returned to her home from the trip to California. Although she was happy about the egg donation, she would never know if a baby was born to the couple.

But 20 years later, Schoonveld received the outcome of the donation. She met her son, Erickson, and the woman who sent her the letter in 1994. It was a moment to be remembered forever.

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