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Single Mother Finds Out She's Dying, Asks Nurse to Adopt Her Son: 'Can You Raise Him If I Die?'

Lois Oladejo
Jan 19, 2022
02:20 P.M.
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Death can be cruel as it creates a wedge between loved ones. But for Tracy Somers, a single mom who realized that her end was near, she wanted her son to live like she was still present, which influenced her to give him up for adoption.


Tricia Somers lived alone with her son Wesley; she had suffered domestic abuse, so she moved to Harrisburg for a fresh start. The single parent had no close relative she could trust to care for her offspring. The only people she trusted wholeheartedly were her parents, who died years ago.

Somers, who lived in Pennsylvania, received devastating news concerning her health. She had limited time to live and would not be around to see her young son graduate from college because of her terminal liver cancer.

A picture of Tricia Somers and Tricia Seaman with Wesley| Photo: facebook.com/triciaseaman.author


Despite the sad truth, the mother of 8-year-old Wesley wanted her son to have the best childhood experience in her absence, so she sought the help of a trusted nurse-turned-friend a few months before her death in 2014.


Following her health diagnosis, the mother of one underwent a series of tests. At the Pinnacle Health Community General, she became familiar with an oncology nurse who bore her name. 

Tricia Seaman and Tricia Somers connected immediately, and the former became a regular visitor to the patient. After spending some time at the medical facility, Somers was cleared to go home, and as expected, the friendly nurse breezed in for the last goodbye. 


Seaman did not expect what happened next. The longtime nurse revealed that the patient talked about her terminal illness and added the words, "If I die, will you raise my son?"

For Wesley's mom, the hospital attendant ticked all the boxes; Somers could not give many reasons, except that she felt a strange feeling of comfort after seeing Seaman, and that was more than enough.  


For Seaman, Somers's request was a pleasant offer, and she yearned for it, but she wanted to maintain professionalism, so the nurse advised the cancer patient to sleep on the big request. 



Seaman was as great a mom as she was a nurse. So, adopting her friend's child was not a bother, but she consulted her husband, Dan. The nurse was already nurturing three teenage girls and a 10-year-old boy, Noah. 

At the time, the mother of four and her husband were in the process of becoming foster parents and had just been approved for competence. Their only son, Noah, felt outnumbered by his sisters and wanted a brother.

 After Somers's discharge, the nurse started visiting the family and became closer with the mother and son. Seaman was always present to give Somers a hand with her son's requirements, including school.


The mother of one began to regress in health following her chemotherapy, and Seaman offered to house her and Wesley. Surprisingly, the cancer patient became stable in the comfort of her new family. According to the Seamans:

"We just want Trish to live life to the fullest...we love her and love Wesley…We want to see him get an education and be successful, and know that he's not alone."



Although he was used to being an only child, the boy seemed to love having siblings as he bonded with Noah and the girls. The boys played games and slept in bunk beds.

Wesley had no problem blending in, and his excited mother admitted that this new family was the answer to her prayers. Her son was aware of the arrangement that allowed the Seamans to become his guardian after her death, and he accepted that, while they would never be mommy or daddy, they would love him endlessly.


Two years after his mom's death, Wesley was still in good condition following the affection from his new family. He referred to the Seamans as his parents and reciprocated their kindness by being well-behaved.

On the other hand, his adopted family is more than blessed to have him with them. Seaman mentioned that meeting Somers was God's plan and that despite her absence, memories with the deceased will remain cherished.