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Teacher Mocks School Kid Every Single Class, One Day Boy Decides to Tell His Parents

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 21, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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After a teacher mocked her 11-year-old student every day, the boy decided to take action against her. He wrote a Reddit post sharing what he went through in school ten years later. 


The Redditor shared that this one teacher, Ms. J, used to single out one child from each of her classes every year to pick on. Unfortunately for him, he was that one student in his class. 

After going through mental stress for several days, the 11-year-old student devised a brutal revenge plan. He shared what happened when he executed his plan.

Source: Flickr/alamosbasement


Before jumping into the main story, the Redditor explained that he started middle school in the US when he was eleven and he shared classes with the same student group for the entire academic year in his school. 

He shared five classes with the same group, and one of those classes was taught by Ms. J. He described her as an older woman who was nothing like his other teachers who cared about him. He explained:

"Well, first of all, every single class that had her every single year, she'd single out one student."

He had started middle school when he was 11 | Source: Unsplash


That year, OP (Original Poster) was that "unlucky" student who got singled out by his teacher in his class. As such, he was made to sit on a desk blocked by filing cabinets.

He had no idea how to end the mental torture.

Ms. J  forbade OP  from talking unless asked to speak. OP confessed she also encouraged other students to bully him. 

OP's teacher cared about all the students except him | Source: Unsplash


If the children bullied someone else, she would take strict action against them. However, if she saw someone bullying OP,  she wouldn't stop them. 

OP shared that he had only one friend who was the most troubling child in his class and he never bullied OP like the other kids. Instead, he stood up for OP and told him he was a "likable guy."

However, OP's mental health started deteriorating. He was fed up with the constant bullying, developing severe anger issues. He had no idea how to end the mental torture. 

The bullying had started affecting OP's mental health | Source: Unsplash


The only thing he knew was that the stress would affect his grades, and his parents would eventually find out what he was going through. To make things easy, he decided to tell his parents everything. He recounted:

"One day, around the beginning of the fourth quarter of the school year, I left my bag at school in class."

This was part of his revenge plan. He knew his parents would look for his backpack when he arrives home without it. 

He left his bag in the class | Source: Unsplash


OP told them he mistakenly left his bag by his desk in one of his classes. He could see they were annoyed because now they had to drive him back to school, but he didn't care. 

They also thought they would find the classroom door locked, but OP knew Ms. J never locked the classroom. So his parents drove him to school and went inside the building with him. 

When they reached the classroom, OP quickly opened the door and walked towards his desk. "Why is your desk in the corner?" asked his parents. 

He took his parents inside the empty classroom | Source: Unsplash


When he told them his teacher made him sit on that desk, they asked if he could see the board clearly. OP told them he couldn't and explained what often happened in Ms. J's class. He described what happened next:

"So, when my parents found out, they got rightfully pissed off and, as soon as they could, they went to the principal of the school and told him what happened."

The principal visited Ms. J's class and asked her where OP sat. When she pointed towards OP's desk, the principal took OP to his office and asked him what was happening in the class. 

OP's parents met the principal | Source: Unsplash


OP told the principal everything as he did to his parents. This prompted the principal to pay surprise visits to Ms J's class to gather evidence. OP explained:

"They couldn't completely fire Ms. J because she had a form of tenure (I think), but they basically forced her into an early retirement that was like firing her."

The school eventually allowed Ms J to work as a substitute teacher, significantly reducing her salary. She was a substitute teacher in OP's class multiple times but never bullied him again because she knew she would get into trouble if the principal visited the class unannounced. 

The principal visited the classroom unannounced | Source: Unsplash


Many Redditors could relate to OP's post. OiKay shared that her sister's teacher also placed her desk in an isolated classroom corner. However, the teacher made sure not to get caught by the principal. 

When the girl forgot her permission slip at home, her mother came to her class. She was horrified to see her daughter sitting on a desk blocked by two giant chalkboards. The Redditor shared that the teacher also got early retirement as a result. 

OP read the comment and felt sad knowing that teachers could be worse than students when it comes to bullying because it is more difficult for students to stand against their teachers. 


Other Redditors shared what happened with them in school | Source: Unsplash

OiKay replied to OP's comment, saying her sister had trouble with some other teachers as well. However, she didn't let those horrible experiences pull her down. Instead, she made her teaching career better by not repeating her teachers' mistakes.


Another Redditor named gnilmit shared that their teacher also isolated kids, but what got her fired was that she had started hitting the boys with a yardstick. The user explained:

"Enough of us finally told our parents, and the parents were outraged enough to get her fired."

Most Redditors shared similar experiences and agreed that such teachers should not work with children. Other Redditors felt sorry for OP and praised him for devising an excellent revenge plan.

The teacher got fired because she was hitting her students | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the school management was at fault?

The principal had no idea what Ms. J had been doing for years because no other student had raised their voice against her. If OP hadn't complained to his parents, the principal would never know what Ms. J was up to. Do you think the school management was at fault for not monitoring their teachers closely?

Do you think the principal should have fired Ms. J?

The principal didn't fire Ms. J because of certain technicalities. However, some people might agree he should have fired her regardless because what she did was unacceptable. What do you think? Would you fire the teacher if you were in the principal's place?


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