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'Blue Bloods's' Andrew & Tony Terraciano Who Play Reagan's Siblings Are Real Life Brothers & Have a Sister

Esther NJeri
Jan 22, 2022
07:20 A.M.
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Family is one of the essential aspects of the police procedural drama television series "Blue Bloods," as evident among some cast members, the Reagan family.  


While Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Bridget Moynahan, and Tom Selleck have to put their acting boots on and act like they are related, Jack and Sean do not have to pretend.

The on-screen brothers Jack and Sean, who are Detective Danny Reagan's sons in the show, are played by Tony and Andrew Terraciano, who are also brothers in real life

Tony Terraciano and Andrew Terraciano star as Jack and Sean Reagan on "Blue Bloods", on the CBS Television Network. | Photo: Getty Images



Andrew and Tony landed the roles during the premiere of the series in 2010 at ages six and eight years old. The casting was perfect because Andrew and Tony were the same ages as the characters.

The two brothers, who hail from the small historical town of Pelham in Westchester County, were child models before they began acting. 

For over a decade, viewers have watched the brothers grow from young tykes to quarreling teens and even witnessed them become young adults.



After Amy Carlson's character Linda Reagan died tragically, fans started to become wary of the future of their beloved actors on the show. 

In 2018, "Blue Bloods" uploaded an Instagram photo of the Reagan family at dinner, and fans noticed that Jack was missing. Rumors mills began spinning with some saying that Jack had left the show.

However, they were soon relieved to discover that Jack had left, but not permanently. He'd taken a break to attend college, with the showrunners writing his absence into the show.


According to Andrew, growing up on the set of one of today's most popular shows has not changed them much. He still had to catch up on homework, but besides that, their lives were just like any other teenager's.

The brothers live a pretty everyday life away from their characters on TV. He says that sometimes, fans recognize him while he's hanging out with friends, and it is only then that he remembers he is a movie star.


Unlike many child stars, the two brothers have been able to strike a perfect balance between their roles and their real life. They've both attended college, with Andrew graduating in 2021.


A little-known fact about the brothers is that they also have a sister, Molly. And whether they are shooting scenes on the show or watching their favorite games, they always create time for her. 


Molly is Andrew's twin, and based on Andrew's Instagram, they share a very close bond. During their sixteenth birthday, Andrew paid tribute to his twin sister, writing:

"Happy Birthday to the best sister ever! I couldn't have asked for another person to be stuck with for the last 16 years!"

Other photos show the two attending prom together, with Molly in a mustard-yellow dress and Andrew in a fitting suit and a mustard yellow tie to match his twin.